Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hi friends and newer friends, I am making my way to your blogs.   Looking forward to reading about your life and fashion.  I wore this outfit to 2 of my favorite thrifts.   I planned on hitting up 3 places because they are all within a few miles of each other along the same road but I spent too much time in the 2nd place so I came home to change into my work uniform.  Yeah, we now have uniforms.  A pop collar, sunflower yellow, short sleeved shirt and Dickie's.   I don't own Dickie's so I just wear Khaki's.  I used to get dressed in the morning for my blog and then wear the same outfit to work but they decided to make us all look alike.  Not a flattering look at all. 

I know this is a little dressy for thrifting but I find that if you dress up and like what you're wearing while thrifting you will be less likely to buy things that you don't need.  Satisfaction with your outfit = less items purchased especially due to them being cheap.  Besides, I personally meet random people in the thrift store and end up talking to them while shopping so how can I expect to hand out my Suitcase Vignettes card while telling them I'm a fashion blogger if I look crappy?  Now, I don't always dress for thrift shopping because that's too much pressure but I sometimes grant myself the opportunity to hand out a card.  I didn't  hand one out yesterday but I had them in my wallet just in case.  See how I wore this cardi 2 years ago here

Georgia is obsessed with her ball.  I was throwing it in between shots just to get her off the deck but man, she fetches fast.
  My current job as an Activities Associate in an assisted living home is due to chatting with my friend Carolyn at the thrift.  She is a gorgeous blond that I happen to meet one day in Goodwill.  We would run into each other occasionally and exchanged numbers one time.  A year later, after having gotten to know each other, she told me about a job available at her work.  I immediately left the thrift store and went home to call the number she had given me for an interview.  I was hired a week later.  So, you never know what opportunities can come along when you least expect it.   Thank you Carolyn if you are reading better be reading my blog.  HA!

Monday night I was putting Chuckles, (nickname) one of the clients at work, on the elevator to take him to bingo and I said to him, "bring your foot in" (his foot was hanging out of the elevator) he said, "what"?   I said, "bring your foot in",  he said, " I didn't have any pudding".  I busted out laughing.   I guess "bring your foot in" sounds like " bring your pudding"????  Found this book at the thrift store.  I think target sells it.  I am hoping to find some good recipes to share.  I think I am becoming a cowgirl in my mind, I need an old pickup to go junkin.  That would be cool
Leopard coat/thrifted
Express dress/never worn/thrifted
Anthropologie belt/sale last year
Marc Fisher shoes/Macy's sale last year
Mushroom necklace vintage/thrifted
Rust socks/thrifted
Grandpa cashmere cardi/thrifted 3 years ago.   


Maiken said...

I always love your mostly thrifted outfits and thrifting stories since I can totally relate to those and I find thrifting such an awesome hobby.
you look great in your classy but cute ensemble and I think you just inspired me to take out my faux fur leopard coat.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Lynn Dylan said...

Think I mentioned the pudding on the last post! Too funny about that! Love this outfit as well. And uniforms?? Poo.


TheTinyHeart said...

What a gorgeous coat! The pops of red are fabulous! That is sucj a great idea to hand out your blog business cards while thrifting.

I didn't realize you worked at an assisted living. I work with the elderly too, at an adult day care.

The Tiny Heart

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Dawn, I love that leopard jacket/cape girl. That belt is awesome too! You look so ritzy!!! HAHAHA at fetching the ball. Uniforms can be a blessing! It saves you from thinking about what to wear, but you LOVE dressing up so I can see how it stifles you. See! You never know where your blessings come from. GOD provides a way!

Sara Flynn said...

Your dog is adorable, tell him I told you he/she is allowed to photo bomb you anytime! :) Ha-ha I love this dress this is very solid thrift find. That's funny you had out your cards while thrifting! :) And I boo uniforms, that does NOT sound like a fun uniform to wear.


carrievintage said...

hi dear, I'm a new reader/follower, I've read all your archive today, great blog :D

Sara said...

Hello! Thanks for your kind comments, I am glad you liked my sewings ! And I agree totally what you say about dressing up when you go thrifting. :)
I like the coat very much!

pastcaring said...

Dawn - what are Dickie's? I have a feeling I won't like them, whatever they are!
But I do like leopard print and thrift/charity shopping, and imagining you busting a gut laughing at the thought of telling the old guy to bring his pudding!
You always look lovely, and there you are rocking the camel/tan/taupe/beige/whatever and looking gorgeous! xxxx

Joni said...

What a beautiful jacket Dawn! You have a great eye in thrift stores for sure. I need to bring you along with me next time. ;)

Teddi said...

dawn, i envy your coat, & those leaves! very pretty outfit. funny pudding story. i wonder how often people think we say one thing, when we say something else entirely. this happens all the time with i'm talking to my husband from one room, when he's in another. uniforms ugh! every time i worked at a place that required them, i felt so creatively stifled. however, it does make dressing for work so much quicker & easier. right? :)

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Love your outfit and especially the beautiful background colors in your pics. Georgia is too cute. Give her a hug for me.

Thrifted Shift said...

These fall colors are stunning, Dawn!

Kat said...

Brilliant idea. Dressing up to curb spending.
I usually bring a list of things on my want and need list, pick a budget, and stick to that.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”