Saturday, April 5, 2014

What's new in my etsy shop... and a photo shoot!!

These are the dresses now available in my etsy shop! My friend and professional photographer, Vanessa, offered her studio to do a photo shoot last week.  It was a lot of fun and my models, who also happen to be my friends, did an excellent job!!  I am so proud of them and I'm happy to offer these vintage dresses in my shop.  Modeling this mod 1960's dress is my gorgeous, sexy, friend Sandra.  I love the silhouette of this dress on her figure...

This is my gorgeous friend Jenni who is petite and adorable which is just what I needed for the dresses that she modeled.  How fortunate was I to have had all 10 dresses we shot that day, fit both of them?  Um, very!!

Vanessa of Vanessa Bowling Photography helping style our model, Jenni, wearing a vintage nautical dress...coming soon!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Inner Rock Girl...1985

This photo is from People Style Watch magazine Fall issue that I found at the thrift store in a pile of books for 25cents. As soon as I saw the plaid shirt tied around her waist I knew that I could rock a version of this with clothing from my closet.  When a tomboy, tough girl look like this can be made to look more feminine, I am on it.  Ok so I'm not as young as the girl in the magazine but when I threw this together, I knew that age did not matter and strutted my stuff all day and night in this inner rock girl look. 

So when you post this outfit on your instagram (suitcase vignettes)  and Nora from TwoBirds comments "You're so cool", you immediately do a blog post because well that is just what you wanna hear from a younger, cooler, fashionista blogger from Minnesota who's style you love and admire.  Thanks Nora...right back at ya!!  dawn xo

Thursday, January 16, 2014

In the Fringe....

Hello from the way back of my yard where the leaves  keep me from sinking in the mud.  It's a beautiful day, warm enough for this newly thrifted fringe, plaid jacket that I bought.  I am just in love with the southwestern styles that are trending right now.  I am drawn to them for some reason. 

I love wearing thrifted outfits from head to toe.  This one, with the exception of my boots that I found in a bin stored away in my garage, is completely thrifted.  So, I have been living in them due to the comfort and ability to tuck my skinny jeans and leggings in them. 

I'm such a mountain, forest girl.  I love the comfort that comes from the smells, sounds, and feel of being surrounded by nature and wildlife especially in the colder months when all of the bugs are dead or hiding.   The warmer months keep me on edge when I walk through the woods, I carry a big stick to whack the cobwebs before I walk through them. 

 Take a moment to reflect on the important things in life.  Thank God for His grace upon your life.  The Grace He gives so freely with good health, supportive family and friends, the ability to think creatively and freely and to love without conditions.  Have a great day, my friends.  Admirably, Dawn

Shine from the inside....

Monday, January 13, 2014

Giveaway at Patti's from Not Dead Yet Style...

For the cat lovers out there...vintage linen tea towel with Siamese cat details

vintage pitcher, kitschy, mod flower print...would be great for a lemonade stand or your fridge
Vintage cape with a beautiful Asian influence, the back has a pagoda design....great details
Hello, Happy New Year!! January, the start of a fresh new year and a clean slate makes me very happy.  I feel blessed and wonderful to be able to run my own business on Etsy.  Working from home has been great and challenging at times due to the fact that I have six pets that now own me....they think that I am their maid, mama, entertainer, cook, and treat master.  My husband affords me the opportunity to be at home so I take my business very seriously.  I work daily toward growing my business Tea Stained Lace by adding new items to the shop, looking for bloggers to host giveaways, mailing out purchased items next day if possible, shopping for new items, organizing my inventory, following up with customers, and searching out new opportunities to build a customer base.  I just love this industry and have always wanted to have my own shop whether it was an actual thrift store, co-op booth in an antique mall or an online platform such as Etsy.  I really want to make everyday in 2014 count!!   So, kicking off this year with a Giveaway is the perfect way to ease in and no better blogger to do this than  PATTI, FROM NOT DEAD YET STYLE!!!  She is gracious enough to host a giveaway for a $20.00 gift certificate toward any item in my shop. Here are a few items that are available....take a look!!!
Vintage pillow with strawberry crewel and applique...spring is just around the corner and this would add a punch of color to your bed, couch, or favorite comfy chair

Vintage leather suitcase, cutest mini carry on you ever did see!!!  Use it as a weekender for those cozy getaways!  So head on over to Patti's blog at Not Dead Yet Style and participate in her giveaway, Patti was winner in November!!  Browse my shop for your pick if you win!!   Good luck to all!!  Admirably, Dawn

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Giveaway at Two Birds....

Hello again everyone!!  I am dropping in to let you know that Megan and Nora at Two Birds are hosting my giveaway for December.  One lucky winner will receive a $20.00 gift certificate to use in my Etsy store. You can either use it toward a purchase or choose something up to $20.   Here are a few goodies from my Etsy Store, Tea Stained Lace that are still available.  goodluck y'all.  If you are a blogger and would like to host a giveaway for February, leave me a message in the comment section.   

Vintage jute bag with long leather handles...perfect for the bohemian in you...

Vintage ice bucket...just add vintage glasses, cocktails, Bing Crosby and Ice...Cheers!!

Vintage spice jars, repurpose them or use for spices...

Vintage knit collar...look below to see how to wear it...

Just an idea as to how to wear it...add it to a striped cotton dress or sweater!!

Vintage Pendleton coat, dry cleaned and ready to wear...just add a colorful scarf.  You will look forward to colder weather just to wear this coat!!
Kitschy little crocheted planter comes as a set of three...

Large vintage collectable tea towel.  So many items to choose from.  Just visit my shop and see for yourselves.   best of luck to everyone.  Happy Holidays to and yours.  Admirably, Dawn 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Giveaway at Gracey's

Hi Everyone, I am dropping in to let you know that Gracey is going to have a giveaway on her blog that includes a $20 credit toward an item (up to $20) in my Etsy store, Tea Stained Lace.  I am excited about my business as it has served me well and is a great fit for what I love (shopping for a living).  So head on over to her place and get in on this fun giveaway.  In the meantime, here are a few thing that are available now. 
Cute little sewing basket from the 70's

Vintage Levi's gingham blouse from the 70's

Set of 8 melmac plastic plates...kid friendly and right on trend

vintage eyeglass holder...cute for your desk or as a gift for someone in the office...

vintage train case from the 1940's

vintage field style vest...mustard houndstooth...

wrangler bodysuit that you know you wore in ballet class as a

Elk drink tray to serve up your guest something warm like hot chocolate..yum!! So hey bloggers, if you are interested in doing a giveaway on your blog, then contact me here by leaving me a comment. Visit the store for more items to choose from. I am looking forward to hearing from you and goodluck!! Admirably, Dawn

Sunday, August 25, 2013


hello friends, no apologies because well, I am not sorry that I have not been here but I do miss you all terribly.  Gracey recently posted herself in a fabulous vintage skirt that I sent to her because she is fabulous.  She also gave my Etsy store a shout out which brought some traffic to my site...thank you very much!!  Curtise alerted me that Gracey had posted the skirt by leaving me a message thru Etsy.  It was so wonerful to hear from you Curtise and you as well Gracey.  I am feeling the warm  fuzzies over here.   This all prompted a post from me to let you know that I am doing great while trying to make a name for myself with Tea Stained Lace.

I am now my own model for the store because I don't have models, yet.   I am going to be working with a friend who has a studio so that we can photograph the wonderful vintage goodies that I have waiting for you!  Clothing, shoes, purses etc.  I squeezed my bum into these 1970's nautical pants just for you...too long and too tight, my bottom is live on Etsy wearing them.  My fist is clenched, I must be nervous about showing my rear end...haha body language!!  snagged.

Also for sale, these essential for every fall wardrobe black ankle boots from the 80's.  Um, I think so...

Are you into rusty old marquee letters as part of your decor?  Will these fit the bill?  On sale now!!

Size 6.5 and wonderfully vintage....say no more.  They are as good as this photo...maybe better!!

I am really digging this dimpled little cowboy...great for your childs room or playroom...also available.

This is where all the staging is done...on this little tiny mobile, two drawer file cabinet in my hallway...crazy I know.  Had you fooled, you thought I had a great big studio..ok maybe you didn't think that but I would like to think that you thought that.  Anyway, don't feel pressured to drop by the store to buy these super cool napkins but if you are a blogger and would like to do a giveaway, contact me thru Tea Stained Lace and let me know.  I will also feature you on my blog if you make a purchase or do a giveaway.    Take care my friends, I miss you!!  Thank you for dropping by, dawn xoxoxo

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”