Thursday, April 21, 2011

THURSDAY'S THRIFT....vintage Versace

Exquisite buttons, can be worn with 1 or both buttons exposed

shown here with both buttons exposed...the facets are so pretty

I love the cut and it has shoulder pads which leads me to believe it is from the 1980's
HELLO DARLINGS, yes you and you, welcome to Thursday's Thrift where I like to showcase  my favorite thrift finds so that you can be encouraged to thrift more while you save.   I love to hunt and collect.  I have always been a collector of things I love.  I think it's important to have a hobby that satisfies and nourishes your soul.   What do you do that replenishes your spirit and soul?  Perhaps you exercise, take long walks, read a good book, whip up a great recipe, travel, or simply spend time with family and friends {pets included}.  I personally find my peace rummaging through my favorite local thrifts.  I don't have to travel very far, no more than 15 minutes in the car to each frequented happy place.  I rarely leave without a treasure or better.  I am lucky in that regard.  The other day a friend and follower of this blog {Eileen S.}contacted  me via Facebook telling me that she scored a pair of Rock and Republic jeans without knowing the brand name until someone commented on her jeans.  She did not know that they were designer.  She got lucky and the fact that she wanted to relay that exciting news to me meant a lot.  Point of story, it helps to know name brands so that you can recognize quality like this Vintage Versace jacket that I landed for {are you sitting down?}  $3.99.  Don't faint...and if you do, at least you were sitting.  I could not believe my eyes when I read the label.  The details of this jacket are so beautiful.  The facets on the glass or maybe even crystal buttons are gorgeous and the buttons themselves are significantly heavy.  The stitching is perfect with a red hue and  the jacket made in Italy.  It seems to be made of a fine linen that has a sheen to it and the cut is figure flattering.  Can't say enough about this vintage gem.  Does it fit you ask?  Yes, just right.  Have yourself a wonderful Thursday as I know you are happy it is almost Friday.  I am promising an OUTFIT POST TODAY....thrifted of course.  Thank you for your sweet visit and for following along.  lots of love, Dawn xo


Zala for PFC said...

Nice jacket - the buttons look super chic.

aNewFoundLove said...

Cute Jacket! I wish I could find things like this at the thrift store. I usually only walk out with belts :(

Mrs.Grinder said...

again, another post of yours leaves me open mouthed & jealous. i don't understand why i never have such luck! i found a huge horse head at Goodwill the other day, it was $20, but i really am excited to spray paint it a bright color. (can't say gabe wasn't as excited though..) xox miss your frequent posts!

two birds said...

lucky lady, you! wow...i am impressed. those buttons are gorgeous!

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Great jacket. You have such nice finds.

Kara said...

Hi Dawn, Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I can't believe you found not only a Versace jacket, but one by Gianni, who was murdered in his home in Miami in the 90's, making him even more of a fashion legend than he already was.
I really would like to start doing a little thrifting...any pointers for beginners?
Can't wait to see how you style this jacket.

Emilie said...

awesome find! wish one day i can find designer name when i walk into thrift store, which hasnt been happening.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”