Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Lately I've been shopping in the kid's section for shoes and clothing.  Don't judge and I am not bragging by any stretch of these floral leggings.  They're from Kohl's kid's section and they were cheaper.  $9.99 on sale to be exact and I got them with my $10.00 kohl's bucks so they were technically free. 

I added this over sized, Orvis, thrifted button down to cover the chubby upper part of my legs that I am hoping to slim down with my workouts.  Humming to myself..."it's gonna take a miracle".  Anyway, I hope you are all well, I had an easy weekend at work and if you follow along on Instagram @SuitcaseVignettes you can see me in a bathing suit (don't hurt yourself trying to get there, it's not that exciting) and  you can see me working the front desk at work while the receptionist was at lunch.  I cover on the weekends for an hour and I love it.  It's just so fun to greet people coming in while answering phones. 
The brown dye that I put on my hair about 3 weeks ago has mostly washed out, I guess I'm supposed to be a redhead again for Fall.  I may put an even deeper red on my head.  Not sure yet!

That's Georgia, my girl, always by my side.  She is so sweet.  Her sister Caroline is always with Rob when he is home.  She's his little doll.  It's funny how they chose which one they would rather spend more time with.

I could not be happier with the weather, it's cool and crisp which makes me feel alive and adventurous.  Summer was brutal and I swear I'm not spending next summer hiding from the sun.  I am going to learn to embrace it somehow.  My husband wants to move to California but I am not quite ready for such a drastic change.  We're going to vacation there first so we're planning a trip to San Diego for 2013.   He used to live there when he was in the Navy and wants to share his old haunts with me. I look forward to going to a place that Rob wants to share with me, I think it's sweet. 
Thrifted Orvis shirt $3.99
Thrifted belt .99cents
Thrifted, vintage boots, less than $10.00
Floral leggings, Mudd for kids at kohl's.  $9.99 on sale
Thrifted ceramic heart necklace/ $1.98


Bethie The Boo said...

I've been known to buy shoes from the kids department. Size 5 = size 7 and they're often cheaper.

two birds said...

we are thinking of san diego for our honeymoon!! maybe we can coordinate! i love these leggings. and you should brag about shopping in the kid's section. you look great!

pastcaring said...

Wish I could fit into kids clothing... Ain't gonna happen though, ha! You look lovely, red headed for Autumn and raring to go! xxx

The Funky Junkie said...

Shopping in the kids section, such a fabulous idea! THe print on those leggings is so fun. I am jealous of your natural red hair color. I've been meaning to follow you on Instagram but I keep forgetting...in fact I am going to do it now....hope you have a great week!

silvergirl said...

loving this cool snap we are having here as well
great orvis shirt
i have gotten things in the kids dept as well, but it is usually the boys section. (those clothes are bigger, lol)

Thrifted Shift said...

Your hair is gorgeous as usual! The kids section is great for leggings, but the shirts fit me all wrong usually. You look cute!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I love red heads :))) Go deeper red, haha!! And there is nothing wrong with shopping in the kid's section, it is cheaper and they have some cute things :)) I do it too ;) And you look marvellous as you are my petal :)))) Xoxox

Maiken said...

I really like that outfit! it's a lovely idea to wear floral leggings with a denim shirt and I should actually give it a try sometimes.
and Dawn, red hair is so "you"! I think I haven't seen any other blogger who wears red hair that well.
oh and your doggies are adorable but you know that already :P

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Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

dawn you have the best head of hair. i call it sexy hair! hahaha no matter what color it would look great. i wish i could shop in the kids section. it would have to be a really chubby kid. LMAO!!! the prices there are so much better. great outfit dear.

Kat said...

Good idea shopping in the kids department! I never would have guessed!!! wow. I haven't had too much luck in kids' sections but I should give it another go. If only they would make sophisticated hats for kids. My head needs their sizes!

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”