Thursday, August 2, 2012

THURSDAY'S THRIFT.....thinking Fall already

Hello darling followers and newer followers?  On Thursday's Thrift I like to showcase my thrift finds to encourage you and others to shop the second hand places and stop shopping the mannequin at the mall.  We all love new clothing and other items but if you shop thrift, you have the advantage of finding one of a kind, vintage,  and new with tags items at much lower prices.   I do love a good jaunt at Marshall's and TJ Maxx occasionally but even their prices are a bit too high at times.  I could not help but think about Fall shopping today.  I am beginning to find pieces that I can wear now and also transition in to Fall.  The September issues will be out soon and I need to quit shopping for summer.  Fall is on my agenda from now on.  Check out these flats by Henry Ferrara, New York/ $7.99.  They have never been worn!  Perfect for cooler weather and they go with so many things in my closet..I actually walked around goodwill with them on to make sure they felt good.  They know me by name there so they trusted that I wasn't doing the old shoe switcheroo...walk in with yours on and walk out with new shoes having left your old ones on the rack. 

Striped shirts are a must especially if they are $2.99....Preswick & Moore.

This knotted cinch belt was $1.50...I got this at the church thrift store...they also know me by name there and sometimes put things aside for me....I am favored and fortunate.

This new with tags skirt was $2.00 and I envisioned myself wearing it with so many different colors come late September when I dig out my J. Crew mustard yellow sweater and other favorites.

This structured vest is great for layering when unbuttoned.  I can wear this now over a  sleeveless  maxi dress. I saw this similar style in a  recent magazine and had to have it/Gap $3.99.

Ok, this little bunch of do dads are necessary for my Halloween haunted houses that I am preparing to do this season...if you would like to see one,  just click here

These very old and delicate doll clothes were in a bag for $3.00 at the church thrift.  Look at the tiny socks with carrots...ok?  My niece may be getting some of these.

This shirt is made of a gauzy like, super delicate material and seems to be the oldest item. 

The good samaritan and what she wore to thrifting on!
Thanks for dropping in and viewing my finds.   I felt like a good person today when I paid for the lady's stuff in front of me who dropped her $20. bucks on the floor.  The manager played back the camera recording to see if the lady in front of her, in line, took the $20 when she dropped it unknowingly.  They actually have cameras in Goodwill now.  The tape showed the woman picking up the $20 off the floor and heading for the door.  The woman's whose stuff I paid for,  did not know she dropped it but the woman in front of her saw her drop it and took it.  She gave me a hug as she teared up saying thank you, I really wanted these pajamas for my grandson...she was sweet.  dawn xoxo



How very kind and good of you, Dawn; I'm sure you helped that lady in more than just a practical way, and you help renew my faith in people. Those shoes are so cute, and I love that jointed dolly :)

Lisa said...

I would have been thrilled to find those brand new leopard flats! Those little sockies w/ the carrots are just too cute.
I love the color of the top and necklace you wore thrifting.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Love that purple skirt! =)

pastcaring said...

That was kind of you, Dawn. What kind of person sees someone drop money and just takes it? The same kind of person who steals from charity shops, I guess, the volunteers in my local ones say it happens all the time...
Anyway - I am most envious of those leopard print flats, I have been looking for some for ages! Love the belt and the skirt too.
Those doll's clothes are adorable, is the little shirt made out of muslin? Carrot socks? Cute! xxxxx

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Gorgeous finds, love the carrot socks :)))) And that was a great thing you did as most would have just pocketed it. Have a wonderful weekend xx

Maiken said...

wow, that was so sweet of you! :)
and I totally agree when it comes to thrifting. I just love thrifting and the fact how exciting it is to search for some amazing treasures hidden in the huge piles :P your finds are awesome btw, especially the ones concerning leopard print and stripes!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

my thrifty closet said...

That is so sweet of you to pay for the lady...i am sure she would be eternally grateful! I love your thrifted finds...always...that cute leopard flats are a great catch! Very pretty dolly clothes too. You look gorgeous i love yoursummery outfit too.


Heather Morris said...

You are so the haunted house. I do things like that around my house as well. I would love to go thrift shopping with you sometime. Your thrift store has the neatest things.

two birds said...

you are such a good person. i love reading stuff like this...although it's despicable that the other woman took off with the money. have a great weekend!

Teddi said...

dawn that was sweet of you! looking wonderful, & i bet your soul feels good too. that lady that stole the money. i give her the evil eye. tsk, tsk.

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

dawn, you scored girl! i love those flats and stripy top girl! omg'd they've never been worn. major haul!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Dawn

Thanks for dropping by, nice thrift finds you got there and it was really generous of you to pay for the lady

Ariane xxxx

silvergirl said...

great leopard flats and stripes!! who doesn't want more stripes!

tammy Silverstyle said...

I always adore you and times I just love you! Good job! Haven't been around for a while but all is well. I just bought a pair of leopard smoking shoes at Target for 12.00 and love them. I had another pair of leopard flats that hurt the hell out of my feet. These are truly awesome. I don't think I'll work up to Tom's but they are close enough for me. Have a good week!

Emmett Katherine said...

Those leopard print flats are such a fabulous find. In great condition and super cute! I agree thrifting/vintage shopping is a great way to find one of a kind pieces.

Katherine said...

Hi there beautiful! Long time no see kind of? :)
thank you for your comment, yes everything is just fine, hubs and kitties too. I totaly agree with you on the thrifting subject, you can find awesome and stylish pieces! Loved the skirt! And what a sweet thing to have a good heart Dawn, all good things you do will come back to you.

LarasVintage said...

Great finds!!
xo sandra

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”