Friday, August 24, 2012

I WAS THAT GIRL...last night

Rob and I went to dinner last night on  a double date night with Shayla and her husband, Jeff.  We met out at a local bar/restaurant that just happened to have Karaoke going on in the bar part of the restaurant.  Well, I had to sing.  Shayla, Rob and Jeff were all helping decide which song I should  sing and Rob said, how about ACDC. Great!  I had never sung this particular song, "Shook Me All Night Long" but I had heard it a zillion times at weddings, parties, rock stations...ya know, like a zillion times.  My stage name is Brandy Alexander so when I heard my name after about 4 beers, I went up to sing.  Not nervous at all.  Rob was camera man with his phone.  Well, about half way or more into the song and dance, which included swinging my hair around, shaking my booty, and singing, I FELL FLAT ON MY BACK.  Yes, I was that girl last night.  Legs in the air like a turtle on its back. The one that you feel sorry for because she makes a fool of herself and you thank God that it was not you up there.  I must have gotten too low in one of my dips and thud, I was flat on my back.  I looked and felt like a real dumb ass.  I gathered myself, got up from the floor and announced to everyone that this better not be on face book tomorrow.  Not that I am friends with any of those people and I am probably on their face book pages as a laughing stock but there is nothing I can do about it.  I finished what I could of the song and left the stage.  Jeff said he was pissing his pants laughing, Rob missed my fall on the video as I disappeared from his view all of a sudden, and Shayla got a good laugh too.  When I watched the video today, I was laughing at myself  but felt like I was that girl, last night.  I did however, get back up there and sing a redeeming song by Bonnie Raitt, "I Can't Make You Love Me"...they applauded me or just felt sorry for me.

On a whim we took the train to Philadelphia to visit the Mutter Medical Museum.  It was well worth the trip.  Train ride takes 20 minutes.  With limited parking in the city, it was better to walk the 8 blocks to the museum through the city. 

The train travels the Ben Franklin Bridge over the Delaware River

I was born in Philadelphia but raised in New Jersey, I had always worked in Philadelphia so I know center city very well.

We cut through Rittenhouse Square Park which is absolutely beautiful.  People were having lunch, walking their dogs, and napping on the grass. 

People love to dine Alfresco but  I would rather eat indoors to avoid bugs and the heat.  We did eat our Primo turkey and cheese hoagies outside the museum before we went in.

Cue scary music...we have arrived. Rusty, tall, iron gates.  This sign says it all. 

The Mutter Museum is a must see if you ever visit Philadelphia.  It was delightfully full of curiosities and medical oddities which always piques my interest. I have a curiosity cabinet at home which I keep full of interesting (to me) little gadgets and items that I find along my journeys.  I saw some astonishing things today like, a cyclops fetus preserved in a jar, a dried penis(very large) with pubic bone still attached, full skeletal remains of humans, preserved body parts in jars, and a woman with an 8 inch or so horn growing from her forehead...too many things to mention.  Unfortunately, photos were prohibited but you can click here to view a few oddities.  Have a great weekend...I am working.   Monday I will announce the winner for the Shayla Shines  Designs giveaway..view her store here.  Enter the givaway here. 


Joni said...

What a fun impromptu date. Those are the best! Love that picture of your mom on the side of your blog. Cute!!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

What! You didn't post the video? I wanted to see you being "That Girl". The museum sounds interesting.

Shayla said...

Hey doll - so much fun last nite! I did check to make sure you were OK before I went back to having my chuckle! You woke them old folks up and it was all good! I work two blocks from that museum - the hub and I need to check it out. See yoouuuu soon! Xxoxo!

pastcaring said...

Dawn, you are an absolute trooper to get up and finish the song, I bet everyone thought you were amazing! I would have loved to see you, not falling arse over tit (Brit expression, sorry!) but belting out AC/DC and shaking your booty!
I love a bit of karaoke, we have a set up at home via the PC and have had parties where even the shy folk who think they can't do it end up singing. Wine helps.
Gorgeous outfit, you look so toned and slim and beautiful. Philedelphia looks fab too, though not so sure about the dried penis... Ha! xxxxx

The Dainty Dolls House said...

That story was hilarious, I want to see the video :)) bless you, I don't know if I could have gone on, I would have been in tears of laughter at myself, it is something I know would happen to me. Am actually in a fit of laughter just thinking about it. Bless you, hope you didn't injure yourself none. The museum sounds awesome, I shall look at the link and see some :) I would have rode the train too, the view is brilliant. Never been there before, even when I was growing up in America, will have to do a tour of places whenever I get the chance to come back to the states, would be fun. Have a great weekend petal!! Xoxo

camille yanair said...

whoa never heard of that museum, definitely gonna have to check it out!!

The Funky Junkie said...

OMG....Dawn.....I loved that to start off my day. I'm sorry!!! I think it's especially funny because I have had my share of karaoke mishaps so I totally know the feeling of going up on stage (with or without a little bit 'o liquid courage) thinking you are going to own it and then having it fall apart. Too funny! Also, love that you were in Philly! I wanted to visit that musuem when we visited a few years ago but we didn't get to it.

Ulrika said...

I'm loving that skirt you're wearing !

Kisses dear!

two birds said...

i am pretty much always that girl, so no worries! it means you are having fun!!! also, that pic of you outside in phillie, you look like a teeny miss. so beautiful!!

Clara Turbay said...

it´s perfect and nice.

Heather Morris said...

I must say, you sound like a blast to hang out with! I know I have told you that it would be fun to thrift with you, but it might be fun to karaoke with you too! lol. You look adorable by the way, looks like you are in your 20's! so you are that cute 20 girl. Love that Bonnie Rait song..always touches my heart, and brings a tear to my eye..reminds me of a love I had in my life.

Lisa said...

Oh, Dawn. haha I thought sure I was going to see that video at the end of your post. Darn it.
I love your traveling to the museum outfit.

Teddi said...

i'm glad you're ok. we all do embarrassing things, so don't feel bad. you are looking sensational. :)

Kat said...

The bit about the Mutter museum is GOOD TO KNOW. My family includes 2 docs and a nurse (plus me) who would LOVE to see that if ever we're in town.

Kat said...

P.S. You look super-slim in these photos. I don't know if it's the surgery or the exercise but you're looking great Dawn!

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”