Thursday, April 12, 2012

THURSDAY'S THRIFT....staycation

Have you ever looked at your thrift purchases after you get home from thrifting and realize that you must be in need of a vacation or a very long nap?  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of shopping with my close friend Jenni's mom on her birthday.  I called her in the morning to wish her a  happy birthday and let her know that I was going thrifting just in case she could snag a few moments in her day to join me.  Marcelle, is one of the coolest mom's you ever want to shop with or just hang out with.  She is funny, easy going, generous, stylish, and level headed( I need this type person shopping with me so that I don't just buy things because they are inexpensive).  She saved me a ton of money yesterday when she helped me weed out the things that I didn't need and that were not on sale. 
God that sounds so cheap.  It's not, it's smart and thrifty even at Goodwill.
Target shorts/$4.00 new with tags.
Polka dot belt/.99cents

Pajama or dress, it's still adorable for $3/new with tags. It is a little big but I can remedy that with a belt and wear a tee under it or just wear it to comfy.

Had to have it in pink too.  Also $3 new with tags.  This one is two sizes smaller and fits perfectly.  These must be junior sizes because I am no longer an extra large up top...wink and a smiling from ear to ear.

Polka dots are a necessary wardrobe staple for me just like stripes....$2 on sale

Marcelle discovered these Nautica pj bottoms in which I will wear as shorts this summer...$1.99 score. Thanks for the Sear Suckers Marcelle...ha!

Rolled the bottoms to showcase how I will wear them...

I bought this neutral sweater as I don't have many sweaters that I can wear collared shirts under so this was a bargain at $2 on sale. I paired it with the denim shorts and polka dot belt...looks so cute. 

I found this little paisley gem 2 weeks ago while thrifting and decided to add it to the mix.  $4.99 Goodwill.  A woman was eyeing  it up in my cart and asked  me where I found it while I was shopping.  Yep, I was the envy of all that day....bahahahaha!

Now, where am I going?  uuhhh, certainly not anywhere soon but when I do, I will be bringing all of these items with me...suitcase included.  Have a great day and thanks for dropping in.  I am linking this to Thursday's are for Thrifters at Brass in Pocket.  click over and see her lovely, mint green, vintage find.  dawn xo


Teddi said...

cute finds missy! you're going on vacation in your spirit. :)

pastcaring said...

Great finds - especially the little paisley suitcase to put it all in!
You are right, just because something is cheap doesn't mean you HAVE to buy it, I'm trying to discriminate more and duplicate less when I thrift shop.
Loving the spots and stripes! xxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Dawn!

I love your stories! About thrift shopping, i am pretty good, i pick a bunch of stuff and then choose what i need, what i can live without, or if it is a one of kind vintage piece that i have to buy!

I love to go with my daughter, btw check her blog out she is marvelous and you will like her

so continuing, my girl finds fabulous items all the time for me!
she has a fab eye for thrift shopping -

i love your thrift finds, especially the polka dot sweater , the marvelous suitcase and sear sucker shorts, great finds! you scored girl!

I love the Easter egg you found, so adorable and all for a good cause!

Have a great day Dawn

Ariane xxxx

Sara Flynn said...

VERY cute finds... I love the poka dots and the dresses.

Sara :)

two birds said...

of course i have that same pair of target shorts! they are comfy like jammies! and now i want both of those jammie-like dresses! so comfy! and you know what else i am envying? your mini globe (of course!) i have been trying to be more level doesn't always work.

my thrifty closet said...

my heart was pounding so fast while scrolling down the screen...I get hyperactive when I see thrift. Wow scored with so many pretty things, all dripping with thrifted goodness!


Debby Steele said...

Such cute finds! Have fun. xo

Kat said...

I like that polka dot belt!

Meagan said...

Those pajamas are cute as can be. And the target shorts are a great find. Target always has adorable things and I love finding them for thrift prices! Thanks for linking up with Thursdays are for Thrifters!

Angela said...

ooo I have those shorts. Luv those pajamas. Everything is pretty cute and comfortable looking

Anonymous said...

such sweet words about my cool mom...thanks dawnie, she is the best isn't she?!?!?!?!?
love the polka dot sweater and BTW you look incredible:)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Beautiful items...polka dots are always good :)) xo

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“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”