Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I found this huge granny blanket with brilliant colored roses at the thrift for $5.99 a while ago.  I washed it in cold water today and hung it outside to dry.  I doused it in Meyer's softener that smells like lavender.  It covers the bottom of my king size bed.  I still have not finished decorating my bedroom but this will keep me happy for a bit.  I still need new  bedding and curtains.  Soon hopefully.

This cat has been by my side for 3 weeks.  He knows how to comfort.....before my surgery he never slept in my bed.  He knows mama isn't completely herself yet....but getting there.

Hi darlings, I am back at work.  I did Bingo with the seniors last night and found out that in their residential meeting ( I guess they have a meeting for residents to speak their minds) they had requested me and had missed having me during my time away for Monday "Big Money Night" bingo.  We had fun.  I brought a basket of Easter candy with me and had a great turn out.  I love teasing them and joking with them.  Our big activities area is usually cold so I have to bring out the granny blankets as we have a cart full of them. Some of them are really pretty, handmade and donated. There are so many aspects that I love about my work but it's not all roses.  It has its challenges just like any other job.  For Bingo night,  I come up with random bonus questions like:  1. who can tell me what the next big holiday is? 2. Who can tell me the date today? 3. For a win of  a .35cent coupon for the candy store in the lobby, "what is my name" ?  I cover my name tag to make it more challenging.  Some know the answer and most don't but that's ok, we have fun anyway.  I usually pretend I am yelling for security to come take away people I  pretend to believe are cheating and I walk around suspiciously eyeing people's bingo cards pretending to question their winnings.  Toward the end when they have to cover their entire board before they can yell bingo, I build up the excitement by saying things like, "this next number that I draw could be our grand winner for the evening", as I peek at the number and stall a little to build their anticipation.   The room is silent as I draw the number, when nobody yells bingo, I tell them that they are all lucky and still in the running to be the grand bingo champion of the evening.  I hope this all makes sense....it is hard for me to write about my actions, easier to write about my thoughts.  dawn xoxo stay inspired.


Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Dawn, I love hearing about your adventures with your seniors at Bingo night; it sounds lovely.

And that blanket is just amazing. What a fabulous find!

Teddi said...

it's funny how something as simple & sweet as a pretty blanket can brighen up your spirit & room, especially if you've been trapped in the house. glad you have your cat. about your writing, it makes sense. you are quite entertaining. dawn, i'm sure they are delighted when you are there. :)

two birds said...

1. you know my love for vintage blankets, and this one is a gem! it's big, which i love and it's beautiful, which i love even more. 2. you are a gem yourself. the people at your work are so lucky to have you there, even if they can't remember your name! i bet you make it such a fun place for them to live!

Statements in Fashion said...

How sweet you were missed at work.....all jobs have the good and bad, thats for sure.
I know what you mean about the furbaby....Chloes cat rarely sleeps on my bed...but when he "knows" something is wrong, hes right there:)

LOVE the blanket btw:)

The Suburb Experiment said...

What a pretty blanket! I love special finds like that.

Your job sounds fun. And it all made sense to me!

The Suburb Experiment

Beth Kondrick said...

That's a very pretty blanket!

And your kitty looks very much like my kitty Taylor - but my Taylor is fluffier than he is! Similar fur colors for sure though! I love how cats are such faithful companions, especially when were sick or healing. They just know we need them!

Sara Flynn said...

Glad to see you are back at work! :) That sounds like a fun job.


Shelby said...

Love that blanket! I'm looking for a granny-ish, but still boy-ish blanket for G's room! :)

Shayla said...

Love that blankie and kitty's face is too cute - they know when we're sad or not feeling well. Unconditional love! You crack me up with your Bingo stories - I can just picture you carrying on with them. LOL!! Don't overdo it though XOXO!

The Closet Shopper said...

Congrats on the boob success. Happy you're happy to have reduced those babies.

I want to cuddle with that cat.


my thrifty closet said...

what a gorgeous blanket ...I love the cross stitch design. Great find. It's nice to keep yourself busy around the house...i am sure it is going to look really pretty. Good to hear you are back to work. You have such a beautiful heart and great patience to work with the seniors. I think this is the perfect job for you!


Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Dawn, I am so glad you are better. Thanks for sharing Bingo adventures with us. I hope someone is that good to me if I should reach that age.
My grandmother made an afghan like that years ago. I think it had yellow flowers though. She spent a lot of time on it. First you have to crochet the base and then cross stitch all the floral design on. She used to sit in the evenings and do crochet.

Sunny & Star said...

That blanket is so adorable. And I love your beautiful cat. Your job sounds like fun.

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Girl, you are going to give those seniors a heart attack! HAHAHAHA Dawn I love that blanket and I see someone else does too. Looks so soft!

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”