Sunday, January 29, 2012


Good Sunday morning, I am changing. Yep!  I am letting go, cleaning out, and simplifying.  I love things, lots of things, which is why I thrift, but lately I have been feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things I have accumulated.  This happened when I decided to make my little studio/bedroom space back into predominately a bedroom for guests.  I wanted the space to include an area for sleeping with a pretty bed, an escape for blogging, another area for taking photos of thrifted items and possibly an empty wall for taking indoor outfit photos.    So far, I have the pretty bed and space to blog but I have yet to find room in there for an empty wall which is why I feel overwhelmed.  I have so many pretty vintage dresses, shoes, purses etc., that I like to be surrounded by for inspiration but I don't know if I could pack them away in bins only to forget about them...sounds like a hoarders paradise.  So, I have decided to put some on Etsy, leave my most favorite on display, donate some to Purple Heart and pack up the rest and revisit in a month or 2 to decide if I can or can't live without them.  I have cut back on thrifting to about 2 times a month and I am only buying things that are of good quality and that I know I would wear tomorrow if it were washed or maybe not even washed but smelled clean enough to wear...come on we have all been there.  Visit the link today and begin your journey to more organization and have fun with closet looks so much better although I am not quite finished.  Three trash bags later for donation and the fact the my closet is easier to navigate, SO WORTH IT.  THANK YOU RUCHE! Stop by for step by step instructions...dawnxo

I was visiting Ruche's blog and I saw the most amazing post to help get me started.  I immediately after having read the steps to better organization, ran to my closet (walked really fast although it was 10pm) and began my journey to freedom and organization.


The Funky Junkie said...

I am definitely going to check this link out. I've been wanting/needing to do some serious cleaning out of my closet and shoe collection...6 months of marraige and we are already turning into hoarders. Eeep. Thanks for the inspiration!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

brilliant! i am now inspired as well. Let us know how your project is going?

Kat said...

Keep us posted on your progress! It's cathartic for me to follow organizational projects. I'm a bit obsessed myself. My bf doesn't understand why I like watching Hoarders when I'm cleaning or organizing but it gets me in a good headspace. Last week I decided to forgo a shopping trip this month in exchange for buying matching new slim velvety hangers. I LOVE them.

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

the tidying up the closet project! ahhh, what a task. i need to do that soon. :)

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”