Friday, September 2, 2011

THE WOODS....things in nature/part 3

Good Friday morning to you.  If you have been following along with me you might know that I take my pups for walks in the woods near my home and snap photos of what inspires me and my woodland finds(yes, beer inspires me).   Well that's been put to a screeching halt since the 2 of them ran away for 2 hours while my husband, Rob was walking them.  I just happened to drive down the road leading to the woods and saw my husband walking from the path with 2 leashes and no pups. (9months) You see Georgia and Caroline are sisters and very mischievous.  They are a tag team mess.  We love them but they nearly gave my husband and I heart failure in their absence.  We were having our driveway re-surfaced that day so while I was moving the car out of the driveway, I said to myself, let me take a ride (half block) to see Rob and the pups.  The pups always get excited when they see one of us pull up in the car.  Rob was looking pretty bewildered when I drove up.  He yelled to me that they took off though the woods....I was like yeah right, thinking he was kidding.  No joke.  They were gone.  The woods are deep and there is a neighborhood running behind them with winding roads and I always lose my way when I even attempt to cut through there in the car let alone on foot.  Anyway to make a long story short, they had been spotted by several people along their journey so we were able to track them down and they were unharmed.  The really nice man who found them called the number on their collars because they are micro chipped and they told him our address.  He put the pups in his garage and was about to drive to our house....several blocks away but he spotted my husband walking with 2 leashes slung around his neck and asked him if he was missing something.  Around this same time I was driving in the same vicinity and my husband heard me screaming "Georgia" (both dogs think that their name is Georgia) from the car and yelled "over here".  As I drove toward his voice I see two wagging tails in the driveway of the man who found them.  What a relief.  I prayed for their safety.  I was greeted by kisses and licks and they were where have you been?  Where have I been?  You are the one that took off!!!  Bad dogs as I hugged them both.  Thanks for reading and visiting...welcome new nice to meet you.  Have a wonderful weekend, lots of love, Dawn xo   all photos taken my me


KizzyDoll said...

Oooh I am happy your dogs were found safe and sound! What a relief :) I hope they never do that again, how stressing!! Beautiful images from the woods, I take pics of beer cans too or other objects I come across, I love the camper van and you as always look stunning!! Have a great weekend flower!! xx

two birds said...

i hate that feeling! my dog must know how to open gates, because he has ran away more than once! i'm so glad you found them! and, only you can make a beer can look pretty! have a great weekend!

Miriam Stella said...

ery nice blog!!!! please, come and see mine and tell me what do you think about!
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Miriamstella (from Italy)

alexandra grecco said...

I love your photos - and I'm so glad you found your pups!
Alexandra Grecco

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