Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TAKE ME BACK TUESDAY....my 70's style

Did you ever have one of those ah ha moments?  I am sure you all have!  Well, after yesterday's post with our lovely bird sisters on Inspiration Monday I realized that my favorite era is the 70's.  I like all of the other influential era's as well, but I am  most comfortable wearing and gravitate toward the 70's and late 60's styles.  I thought about why and how this came to be but I guess having a mom who was hot and stylish when I was a pre-teen really molded my adoration for this era.  My mom, Jane, known as the the voluptuous, redheaded, bomb shell, by her friends and family, had access to and wore platforms, beehives, bell bottoms, big sunglasses, scarves in her hair, big bold jewelry, psychedelic printed maxi dress, halter tops, tube tops, hats, animal prints, you name it she wore it and so did I .  I was too young to wear her clothing but I sure did play dress up and take photos with my girlfriends.  I still remember my first pair of thrifted, bleached out bell bottoms that she bought for me.  I had my own bells to run around in and show off.   I look at the photos from that time and  admire her trendy style.  So, I went through my photo files and pulled out some of the posts that I had done in the past and some more recently to look for trends.  These are just a few that I found and compiled into a collage but I am definitely channelling my inner 70's child guided by a mom who planted the seeds long ago.  Who or what influenced your style when you were younger ?  I would love to know!!


The Dainty Doll's House said...

This is wonderful, love all the photos..gorgeous you!! I can say that my mom influenced my love of 70's clothes, as she had many photos of her from that time and many clothes packed away that I would pull out and wear, I was the only one that was interested in that stuff, so she gave it all to me :) She said I should have been born back then, I wish I had been, but '79 was ok too :) I love bell bottoms as they make me look less like a two by four, hehe. I also love the 60's or Victorian or Art Nouveau era as well :) Hope you have a great day!! xx

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Well you most definitely inherited your fabulous style and bombshell red hair from your Mom! I loved my grandmother's style- she was a war bride and was always elegant (often in homemade clothes!)

Mongs said...

you're a 70's talent for sure. Thanks to the good genes from your mommy.


Tammy said...

That is my favorite decade too. Maybe it just takes us back to a simpler time in life........Oh, to be young again!

two birds said...

gorgeous! i love your 70s style. the 60s and 70s are my favorite era for fashion inspiration, as well!

Sarah Grecco said...

HI!!! Madonna was someone I totally copied when I was younger....she was such an envelope pusher when I was young. OH and Molly Ringwald.....hahaha. SHHH don't laugh!!

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Sarah Grecco said...

I was a terrible dresser as a kid. Think country bumpkin. I was from a small town that only had Mervyn's and Wal-Mart....SCARY. Now I see someone like Gwyneth Paltrow as a fashion icon for me...she is so classic.....Maybe a side of Gwen Stefani.....pretty with a unique flare...

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Wida said...

I'm not too sure who inspired me! I probably got my unique tastes from my mother :/ I'm turning into her! Haha.

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Nnenna said...

I love these 70's inspired looks and now I'm thinking I really need a black floppy hat! =)

Daisy said...

These are great photos of your seventies look and it really is you.
Thank-you for stopping by, I've been checking in here and always love to seewhat you are up to. I had a b'day, yes I should spend more time and also write in Englisch, but I have just started a new job and have had long days away from home and family and of course my little dog. I'm trying to get a bit of routine into my life, being a sahm for about 12 years it's not so easy.
I hope you have a great day!

Bestie said...

Good question! I am trying to think...I know at one point it was SJP and Helen Hunt on Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!..Funny thing is that SJP stuck with us and continues to be fashion inspiration. That's why I love her.

Great post!

Marie said...

I find myself going back to the 70's time and time again. I'm most comfortable in that era too! Sometimes I think I was born at the wrong time... hahaha :)

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“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”