Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today I am taking you back to the 70's when I was still in elementary school and was inspired to wear my mother's cool 70's clothing for Halloween.  Yep, I wanted to be like her, stuffing my bra and posing  in front of her Olds in which she let us soap up the eve before on Mischief night.  She was cool like that.  All of the neighborhood kids helped soap up her car and she drove around like that.  Insane but funny! WFil was obviously the hot music station at the time.  I know that I had her platforms on but unfortunately, they didn't make the photo.  I would totally wear that outfit now if I had those items.  My mom and I were chatting the other day about these photos that I have been posting and I asked her if she had any of the clothing or shoes from then but she said that they were all gone....bummer!  Hey, have a great Tuesday darlings, imagine if I found a dress like that in the thrift...hopefully I will.  Lots of love, Dawn xo


KizzyDoll said...

The year before I was born!! How I love the 70's!! I used to use my mom's clothes for halloween or general everday wear when I was younger, although the 80's had it's fashion funs too, but I could never resist my mom's old platform shoes :) Love this photo!! Have a grand day cupcake! xx

Mongs said...

this is so cool. I love the dress! Your pose is super cute! This dress still looks current. I wish I have all of my mom's dresses too.


Pop Champagne said...

the clothing in the 70's is a lot of fun! and I like how some fashion now also incorporate that touch :D

two birds said...

this picture is hilarious and awesome. you were so cute (and still are, of course). i love that dress. your mom sounds like a cool lady, letting you have mischief night and all! my mom didn't save any of her clothes, either and i always get on her case about it. i wish she had!

Shayla said...

I love Take me Back Tuesdays! This pic is great!!! Look at you! I remember dressing like my mom too for Halloween one year...LOL! Back then we MADE our costumes! And I even remember WFil - just barely... Everything old is new again!

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”