Tuesday, August 16, 2011


GOOD MORNING DARLINGS, today I am taking you back to December of 1973.  This is my MOM in her floral printed halter dress, big smile and pigtails.  Next to her may have been my late grandfather (aka Sarge) but I am not quite sure. {I know that my Aunt Eileen of the Three Piece Bikini }can determine that for me because he was her wonderful Father too.    I am wondering whose received the pink rain boots and matching umbrella to the right?  I was 5 at the time so maybe they were mine...I will have to ask MOM.  Have a great day and I am going to attempt once again to take photos of myself today for Inspiration Monday that did not happen yesterday....ooops sorry!!  The weather was humid and rainy and I just could not get dolled up. 


two birds said...

she is gorgeous! her hair is very chrissy snow ala three's company! my husband's grandpa was known as "sarge", as well! i love these posts!

Shayla said...

When I started to scroll down, I thought it was a pic of you!!! She could be your twin! I love these old pics... That was back in the day when people knew how to decorate a Christmas tree. LOVE IT!

Sophie said...

She looks great, such a lovely retro photo


Mongs said...

your mommy is so beautiful! You're an imprint of her!


Eileen said...

what a great photo, yes that is my dad, always with the pens in his pocket. I have to tell you about my long lost brother, found, it is a fascinating story and he is on FACEBOOK.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”