Tuesday, August 16, 2011

INSPIRATION MONDAY....on Tuesday/ Karolina Kurkova

 Karolina Kurkova
I try to be a woman of my word but it does not always work out for me like yesterday when I was supposed to join two birds for Inspiration Monday.  Well, here is my outfit today...I only got 5 photos before I was covered in muddy dog paws. My pants look like I was run over by a dog train.  They met a new friend named Bruce the Boston Terrier(correction) and they all jumped on me with wet muddy paws.  Nice.  I know my photos are small but this is all I could get.  I had an entire post written today about this short photo shoot on my favorite road behind my house but I accidentally deleted it...while trying to load the photos.  Anyway, my Jeans are by Joe, $5.99 Goodwill and my vintage plaid shirt by no name was $3.99 Goodwill.  I am just going to end it here before something else happens. 


Shayla said...

Those doggies are quite a hand full or should I say PAW full! You're looking stylish as ever doll!

Alison said...

oh no that sounds stressful! but the photos you did get are adorable, so no worries :)

<3 Alison

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Lori's Wardrobe said...

Hi Dawn,
thanks for stopping by. I am good thanks, hope yu are well.
I like your take on the outfit, you look casual and elegant at the same time.
I've been catching up on your blog and love your bike. I have recently got a bike and am really enjoying going out on it. It's not quite as cute as yours tho.
Lori xo

a Bug and Bird said...

your outfit looks great. i'm getting a pug when i move back to the states! you found a pair of joe's jeans for $5.99, WINNER! congrats on that

Mongs said...

oh no...and you were wearing your beautiful white jeans! You still look great ...so much more feminine and chic than Karolina.


Mongs said...

And oh... i did the banner with photoshop. It's an amazing photo editing software. Thanks for your encouraging comment! You're always so sweet!


Bestie said...

wow, i need to go thrifting with you. joe's jeans for $5.99? yes, please.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”