Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HALLOWEEN PART 1 new blog feature (until Halloween)

My husband and I are true creative forces when it comes to halloween decor.  We have had halloween parties with up to 50 people present and all in costume.  We began our "all hallows eve" adventure when we lived in our other house by having our first annual bash. Our collection of decor has grown totally out of control.  Our garage holds a ridiculous amount of halloween hording items.  I have lost count as to  how many bins of heads, costumes, gravestones, apothecary items, skulls, lights, foggers, body parts, you name it we have it.  Anyway, we are fiddling with the idea of having the party this year although it takes a ton of effort to outdo ourselves every year. 

Notice the toilet paper roll in between her legs, she hung in a dark bathroom as we  unscrewed the light bulbs so that when guests tried to flick the light on, they were left in near darkness.  I usually had some sort of low lighting in there.

One year we simply rolled up and old carpet having left a bloody foot sticking out....simple but effective.

Dungeon paper, cheese cloth, fake drippy blood, cobwebs and a thrifted Mona Lisa canvas makes for a scary corner in the basement/!

Clowns are always scary...I found the spongy tongue at the dollar store and the photo at the thrift...

My husband had to make a brain and heart from jello molds...yummy!   I hope to post this weekly so that you may snag a few ideas if you are having a Halloween party or just decorating your home.  Have a great to the woods!!!   Boo!


Shayla said...

I hope you have a party this year!! I'm getting excited for the Monster Mania Convention this Saturday - should be a blast! You're so creative!

Mongs said... cute! It's more cute than scary, I love your ideas, you always have loads of them!


Debbie Baker Burns said...

I love this. I'm glad you're sharing your ideas. I've started buying a few things already because I am all up for fall and Halloween decorating this year. The dead body in the carpet is great. Debbie

Emilie said...

the witch with the toilet roll is so creepy, i probably pee in my pants if i walk into your bathroom and find her there!

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”