Friday, June 17, 2011


hello and welcome to a day in the life.  As you may know if you read my blog, I had a job interview today.  I got dressed all perdy, prim and proper in my thrifted from head to toe outfit and headed to the interview.  It went well, and having met so many lovely people I am keeping the faith that I will get a call back.  I was interviewed outside on a park bench which was probably one of the most relaxing interviews I have ever had.  Anyway,  I drove home thanking God and feeling pretty darn happy....until I saw this when I got home.  Yes, lovely Georgia chewed my couch do I know it was her?  Well, on my way up the walk to the front door I just happened to get a glimpse of her on the chair where the pillow lives.  I showed her the pillow and said a few choice words and she hung her head.  Now, I am not in love with these pillows but she does not know that.    I still had to discipline her because it will eventually be one of my Coach bags or worse one of my thrifted items.

I stopped at the thrift today(because I needed to) and found this dog carrier new in the box for $5.99.  It had the original price tag of $24.99 on it from Kohls so I snagged it for Mama (the feral cat)  remember her?  She had the 5 kittens in my garage a few months back.   Well Timothy pictured here is her kitten from the litter previous to the one she had  in the garage.   He was born outside and I rescued him when he was 4 weeks along with his siblings.  He has no idea that his Mama is in the garage. Well as soon as he saw me bring this in, he took ownership and therefore is king of the dog carrier castle.  He needed a new one anyway because he destroyed the other one that I bought for him.   

He sleeps in this thing and won't let anybody (other pets) near it.  So he spent the evening running from this one to the new one trying to impress me and the pups.  I love him too much. 

This is the infamous Mama who I rescued from a Phila. parking lot.   She had 3 litters total and is only about 2 years old herself.  I just had her spayed and she is recovering in my garage.  I have a very big garage that can fit 2 cars comfortably.  She has been in there for months but I had to wait for her to have the kittens, wait for the kittens to be 6 weeks old and send them to the rescue and then wait until I came back from Hawaii to have her spayed.  It has been a long journey with this little feral.  She is not friendly AT ALL which made it very difficult for me to interact with the kittens and ensure that they were not learning from her fears by growling, hissing and spitting.  Four times a day I would go out to the garage, grab the broom or dustpan to protect myself from Mama, unlock the crate and let the kittens come out to play.  They ended up being absolutely lovable little dolls.

I know you are asking yourself, what in the world is that?  Don't be alarmed, it is Mama's setup in the garage.  That pink thrifted hamper for $3.99 is how I got her to the vet.  Yep, I carried her into the vet's office in that big thing.  They looked at me strangely when I walked in sporting pink wicker but that hamper was a life saver. Before I left for vacation, I had an appnt. to get her spayed but the morning of the surgery, I could not get her into a carrier because I have never touched her and she kept running from me even though I lured her with tuna fish.  The hamper was turned on its side in the garage so I opened it and put a towel in it hoping she would go in.  SHE DID.  It became her new hangout.   I cancelled the surgery that morning and had the cat sitter watch her as I left shortly after that for vacation.  I made sure Mama had everything she needed before I left  and made it easy for the cat sitter by making sure she didn't have to get close to Mama but could still  feed and scoop her litter.  A lot of work for one cat I know.  But if you think about it, she was a baby making machine out there in the parking lot having been the only female.  My trapping her,  put a stop to a perpetual problem.  Now that she is fixed, I can release her in my yard and let her live out the rest of her life.  If she were friendly, I would keep her.  She will still be my cat because she knows where the food source is now.  If I can find someone with a farm or a situation whereby they take ferals I will definitely see to it that she is cared for.  My husband has been very patient giving up his garage for many months and parking in the driveway...I am running out of time and need to make some decisions.  What a man, I know.  He cares for her because he went out and bought her a portable air conditioner for the really hot days.  He's awesome...:)

So here is her setup.  I used a bunch of  pillow cases and blankets to make her feel comfortable.  Pink of course.   She also has access to a screen house from the garage.  Today she was in the screen house getting some fresh air.  When she saw me, she took off back into the garage. She is mostly afraid  because she does not know or understand love from a person.  I asked the vet if I could pet her just once and kiss her little nose while she was under anesthesia but they told me no of course.  I told them that I was an experienced anesthesia technician in my career but they still refused...I tried.  I am not going to make an excuse for not having day 5 posted but I did look nice today in my linen maxi and heels but I will have to play catch up now and post my outfits on Sunday.  Tomorrow I am babysitting all day and night for my friend who is attending a wedding. She is a bridesmaid ,  so I will be watching her beautiful little infant for many hours.  Have an awesome weekend and  I will catch up on Sunday...lots of love , Dawn xo


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Poor Georgia....I'm sure she didn't mean to. Some pups are just chewers... Most of mine were not too bad. Violet never bothered anything until one day when she was a year a half she decided to chew up an $80 pair of shoes. But she never did anything like that again. She wasn't a chewer so I don't know what got into her. The others grew out of it quickly. Got give them two years. But my Sally....still loves to chew blankets...which is exasperating!

Love reading all about the feral cat. If only she understood that you care for her and that she could live her life in comfort. Good luck with the job...hope you get it!

Claire said...

good luck with the job! i hope you get it. and poor pillows but they're fixable, right? and you have a really great hubby. cute hamper your cat lives in!

Mongs said...

opps... Georgia looks very sorry for what she has done. And Mama said," Told you not to touch the couch pillow!" Your pets are so adorable!

Hope you get the job, God bless you!


“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”