Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I didn't want to go too far away from the house today so that I could keep an eye on the heater that I have on for the kittens so I used my yard which is a mess, for this post. We live in a heavily wooded area and stuff is always falling from the trees and it seems like such a disaster but in the Spring(warmer weather Spring) my yard blooms and everything looks so much better. I found some yard props to include in my photos to detract from the mess back there...no?
That old tub will have flowers in it this Spring I promise...I stopped to pick some weeds....so easily distracted. I actually made that tub look really nice and more appealing at one time. I will find the photo and post it.
I found the bike in Cape May, NJ by a trash dumpster and brough it home. I am going to spray paint it pink as soon as the weather warms up...I bought the spray paint already.

Anthropologie jacket, thrifted blouse and skirt but the skirt is (Old Navy). My shoes were bought new at Marshalls a while back and are super comfortable. You can't see them but my earrings are from the 80's and have big blue gems in them but are really heavy. Everything was so big in the 80's...I loved it!! My pink flower by Corny Flowers where I am pictured on the website is handmade by Corinne.


Collette Osuna said...

Cute outfit....cute bike too:)

Kathrine said...

Thank you for your sweet comment :)

I like the combination of blue and pink! And that skirt looks great on you! You look just like a little girl on that bike (which is a good thing!)

Random Rants said...

Glad you're out of your coma from Saturday! We MUST get together again soon but not eat so much next time - gluttons!

You look so DE-stressed, good for you! I love the pic of you on your bike - too cute!

Mrs.Grinder said...

DAWN! loving the outfit.. just read on all of the posts, the kittens are adorable! I wish we could have a kitten.. pretty sure Queen Elizabeth would eat it alive though :( Glad you're back to blogging world! Even though i'm not a good poster, i'm always checking yours for updates! Again thank you SO much for the gifts, i'll be posting soon! I have yet to figure out how to master the belted dress, but I WILL DO IT! i'm determined! I hope that all is AMAZING for you! :) As for my hair, I have clip in extensions that I wore out for that date night & i'm thinking that I want to keep wearing them. I'm SO very much over my short hair & missing the length. lots of love.

Emilie said...

that is seriously one giant flower which is awesome! love the outfit love!

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”