Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hi, thanks for stopping by....I am so thrilled with having met so many new, sweet people in the last couple weeks through blogging. Thank you if you stopped for a glance!!! If you don't feel the need to follow me, that is ok...I just hope you leave a comment or stop back and visit again!!!! I blog because it is an outlet for me. It is freeing and allows for infinite creativity. My day job does not allow for much imagination or knack for style so this is filling the void but unfortunately it does not pay the bills. My favorite thing about blogging is that I never have a plan about what I am going to post...it is sooo random for me. I have Pink Monday, Thrift Thursday, Something about the weekend, and Sassy Saturday to keep me on track but I don't usually know ahead of time what I am going to use for those posts. Does everyone blog like this? I wonder. Have a great day and just to let you know, I am still working on my studio/woman cave. I took this photo of my decorated hutch last night. I love the book in the photo called" The Paris Apartment". I found it at the thrift. It is filled with great photos of romantic decor on a flea market budget. :D


Teressa said...

I love that you are making a woman cave .. when we first moved into our apartment we planned on making the den the man cave .. but as time progresses, its quickly becoming the craft room which I am think im going to dub the woman cave from now on.. Gabe will get a kick out of that!

As for the mention, you made me laugh.. of course im going to give a shout out to the first person I've met via blog world!

I adore your blog, so whatever it is that you do to get the creativity flowing .. keep on doing it :-) when I don't feel like making a blog I think.. what would Dawn do?! And I usually end up blogging!

Off to bed I go, I've got a full day of crafting ahead!

Teressa said...

Ummmn that was me mrs.grinder on the last comment by the way.. im on my phone and I think I signed in wrong :-)

kirstyb said...

awesome x

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”