Sunday, August 25, 2013


hello friends, no apologies because well, I am not sorry that I have not been here but I do miss you all terribly.  Gracey recently posted herself in a fabulous vintage skirt that I sent to her because she is fabulous.  She also gave my Etsy store a shout out which brought some traffic to my site...thank you very much!!  Curtise alerted me that Gracey had posted the skirt by leaving me a message thru Etsy.  It was so wonerful to hear from you Curtise and you as well Gracey.  I am feeling the warm  fuzzies over here.   This all prompted a post from me to let you know that I am doing great while trying to make a name for myself with Tea Stained Lace.

I am now my own model for the store because I don't have models, yet.   I am going to be working with a friend who has a studio so that we can photograph the wonderful vintage goodies that I have waiting for you!  Clothing, shoes, purses etc.  I squeezed my bum into these 1970's nautical pants just for you...too long and too tight, my bottom is live on Etsy wearing them.  My fist is clenched, I must be nervous about showing my rear end...haha body language!!  snagged.

Also for sale, these essential for every fall wardrobe black ankle boots from the 80's.  Um, I think so...

Are you into rusty old marquee letters as part of your decor?  Will these fit the bill?  On sale now!!

Size 6.5 and wonderfully vintage....say no more.  They are as good as this photo...maybe better!!

I am really digging this dimpled little cowboy...great for your childs room or playroom...also available.

This is where all the staging is done...on this little tiny mobile, two drawer file cabinet in my hallway...crazy I know.  Had you fooled, you thought I had a great big studio..ok maybe you didn't think that but I would like to think that you thought that.  Anyway, don't feel pressured to drop by the store to buy these super cool napkins but if you are a blogger and would like to do a giveaway, contact me thru Tea Stained Lace and let me know.  I will also feature you on my blog if you make a purchase or do a giveaway.    Take care my friends, I miss you!!  Thank you for dropping by, dawn xoxoxo


Kat asecondglance said...

Dawn, so happy to see you back at Suitcase Vignettes. I continued to check your blog during your absence for signs of life! I'm really happy that you've found a way to parlay your love of vintage into an online retail presence. I took a peek at your store - great stuff! Love the 50s glasses. Aaand, your butt looks GREAT you have nothing to fret about. Too bad you say they're too small for you; I love the stripes-on-stripes-on-stripes effect!

Lynn Dylan said...

Hi Dawn! Was thinking about you, and glad I dropped in! Your items are just lovely. I wish you every success. I will have to hop over to Etsy and make sure I have favorited your shop. :)


“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”