Monday, November 12, 2012


Elizabeth Hurley

Hi Darlings, how was your weekend?  I hope it was fun and relaxing.  Mine was weird and a bit unsettling.  It started out with plans to have a relaxing Friday night with Rob and a girls night out Saturday.  As I was getting ready Saturday night in a very cute outfit I might add,  I received a phone call from one of my really close girlfriend, I knew by the sound of her voice when she left me a message earlier that something was not right.  I had left her 2 messages on her voice mail earlier in the day when I called her back saying that I hoped everything was ok.  It wasn't.  I knew it, I could feel it.  Anyway, we finally talked about an hour before I was supposed to leave to meet my other girlfriends.  It was news about her sister having breast cancer.  Shock and sadness ensued.  We talked and cried, we  hung up with plans to talk during the week.  Ok it was time for me to scoot as it was getting late, I was in the bathroom checking my makeup when I heard Rob say, "she's right here".  What?  Who was he talking to?  I had not heard the phone ring.  It was more bad news.  It was my Aunt with news about my Uncle.   He had taken a fall and was in intensive care in Maryland which is a couple of hours from their home in Phila.   She asked me to drive to Philadelphia to take care of her dogs and cat.  She had been gone since 2pm that afternoon and would not be back until the next afternoon.  Looking all cute in my striped, fitted dress, army jacket, scarf, and Frye boots I was heading to Phila. to take care of their little pets with Rob.  I called my friends to say that I wouldn't be there.   How could I?  It was a sign.  I was not supposed to go out Saturday night. 

Today is inspiration Monday with TwoBirds.  I love this day.  It has, at times,  forced me to dig deep into the depths of my closet and come up with ways of wearing outfits that I would not have been inspired to create otherwise.  Thank you, Megan and Nora.   I am happy to say that my Uncle is doing better although he will stay in intensive care for a few days.  Prayers are going up around here, believe me.   
 Also, thank you for reading my Friday's Letters, the one to my mom was not supposed to be a downer, it was to help me begin a healing process, and to share with you more about me.  I'm ok, thank you for your thoughts and comments, it means a lot.  dawn xo

 Thrifted outfit/goodwill.  Shoes, Naturalizer, Macys


Bethie The Boo said...

I'm sorry to hear you received such bad news on Saturday! I'm glad your uncle is doing better though.

Very cute outfit today!

Thrifted Shift said...

You really roll with the punches! Your friends and family are so lucky you can be counted on for a listening ear and a helping hand!

Heather Morris said...

Love it! you look so chic. I love the pants the scarf, and the the whole thing. I hope that things start to get better for your family over there. So sad that we live far apart! We will have to meet up someday! thrifter party.

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

dawn, you are a trooper! so sorry to hear about your uncle (glad he is doing better) and your friend's sister (breast cancer is horrible). it seems like when it rains it pours. you handled each situation very well. after the rain, there is always the SUN! love your outfit! cute tee and jacket :)

pastcaring said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry you had bad news and your plans for Saturday had to change. You are obviously a good friend and niece to drop everything and go to the rescue. There will be plenty of other Saturday nights out with Rob to look forward to. Good to hear your Uncle is recovering.
You look WAY better than La Hurley! I don't rate her, can you tell? At least she isn't wearing those white jeans she seemed to live in a while back... Love the colour of those trousers, and they are a very flattering cut. You always look beautiful, Dawn. Please can you post a pic of you having a bad hair day? Just to make me feel better about my own? Thanks, love! xxxx

silvergirl said...

those pants are fantastic and i love the graphics on the stripe shirt
great job

Renae said...

My goodness - such a turn of events for you.

Your outfit is marvelous. Thank you for your words of encouragement on my post.

take care. hope the next time you want to have a night out, it goes off without a hitch.

Teddi said...

dawn, such sad news. :( i'm glad you could be there emotionally on the phone, & physically to take care of the pets. your outfit reminds me of a retro tv/movie star. big like. :)

two birds said...

i'm so sorry dawn. for your friend, your uncle, and for you! i am happy to hear your uncle is doing better. that's a start! you look beautiful in this maritime inspired outfit. i always think you look so polished and beautiful. i have been sick, so i haven't read blogs for a few days, but i am off to read your friday letters now...

Ms. Dainty Doll said...

You look the stripes and colour of the trousers, I have a skirt in that colour and wear it with a striped top like this. The letter to your mother wasn't was beautiful...I loved it!! xox

Ms. Dainty Doll said... posted before I had a change to add other things in there, I read a post again as I comment, so I can comment on everything!! Sorry to hear all this bad news, it's horrible...such a sad thing that comes after so many, I don't like it. Glad to hear your Uncle is doing better. It always seems to come at us in a bunch...lots of love to you petal & a great big hug!! XXX

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”