Tuesday, October 23, 2012



A spooky hello to everyone just about a week before Halloween. Rob and I have always focused on the creepy part of Halloween rather than the sweet pumpkin carving, trick or treat aspect of it.  Last year after our garage walk through and basement party, we decided to call it quits and sell our collection of items that had accumulated to over 20 bins of stuff to creep you out. The yard sale was a success. We had a young woman buy most of our items in two SUV trips. I was glad to see her enthusiasm in buying everything, she was obviously having a haunted house party too.  These are photos of the walk thru...it was much creepier in the dark, with hauntingly good music, fog and people jumping out on you!!!  We divided the rooms for the walk thru with huge pieces of trash bag like plastic.  My friend Shayla was in the other chair waiting to pounce...hahaha!  Two girls almost knocked over the television from the other side of the curtain when they grabbed each other while screaming right after I jumped out from behind the clown.  Shayla saved the day and caught the tv just in time. 

I was hiding being this creepy clown in the darkness, I waited for the perfect moment to jump out.  Their screams were really loud and genuine.  I obviously got a kick out of this.  Jeff, our friend, was at the door in costume to greet people saying something about wanting to eat their brains.  Some people hesitated to come in. 

As you rounded the corner while running from the clown, you were greeted by this creepy duo with strobes flashing in your eyes.

Rob made her bloody back end...

The priest and bed from the Exorcist. 

Old freezer for body parts with a pot for dripping blood.  We threw some cold beers in there for guests to grab on their way in to the house...Rob was waiting behind the freezer door.

Creepy doll section...I was grabbing people through the dividers at this point, more screams....bahahaha!!

We always do a foggy grave yard....one year I was wandering thru it in a white gown with a lantern, as the guests walked up I gestured to them to follow me into the back yard where we led them to the garage for the walk thru. 
I am going to share more Halloween with you from last year. I will do this in a few different posts from now until the 31st. 


Sara Flynn said...

I love love halloween, but I havent been able to decorate/get into it as much this year. BUT this looks awesome! Glad your yard sale was such a success! maybe one day you will have your party again soon!


Anonymous said...

I would not only of screamed but cried and refused to come again as I am such a scaredy cat. I love that you went all out for Halloween. I celebrate Samhain so its a bit more on the quiet side but hopefully as the kids get older I can up the anti to halloween, Such inspiration xx

Heather Morris said...

Your Halloween is awesome! My ideal Halloween decorating I love it! I know I have told you a million times but you need to live near me!

silvergirl said...

you really do go all out for halloween, my boys would have loved coming to your house back in the day

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I'm scared with the lights ON! hahahaha You two are GOOD! Gosh Dawn, I know everyone had a blast going through that. Glad you got some great money for selling it. You can see it went to a good person. I can't get over the stuff you guys thought of. AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see more.

Thrifted Shift said...

Oh my goodness! How wonderfully creepy! You guys go all out!

LarasVintage said...

This is awesome!!

Lynn Dylan said...

Oh my!! That is amazing! Lots of scary stuff!


Maiken said...

my gosh, you definitely take Halloween super seriously! your home looked like a true scary amusement park and I bet your friends loved it as much as you did. even though I don't celebrate Halloween, I totally loved that post!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Teddi said...

you are so creative! :) i can't do scary, as much as i like halloween, i am a horror chicken.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”