Monday, September 24, 2012

INSPIRATION MONDAY...beatnik version

Olivia Palermo...the inspiration

Hi darling readers, hope your weekend was fun and relaxing.  I worked but kept up with your instagram photos which I love doing.  I am meeting so many new people on there...talking to friendly strangers too.  Today is Inspiration Monday over at twobirds.  I decided to do a beatnik or unconventional version of Olivia's style plus my friend and follower of this blog, Bev, picked me up bright and early this morning for our planned trip to Anthropologie.  Oh that store is scrumptious.  I get so much inspiration from the displays and clothing. I also stopped in The Sleep Number bed store to snag $200.00 worth of free stuff.  How did this happen you ask?  Well, 2 people that Rob and I told about our bed went and purchased a bed for themselves which left us with $200.00 bucks to spend.  Each time someone purchases a bed, we get $100.00 to spend.  I bought new sheets in the shade of "willow" and a new king size pillow for myself.  Rob already has their fabulous pillow.  I only had to pay the difference of 2 bucks.  The sheets are customized to fit the type bed you have and the pillows last a lifetime and have great neck support.   I love my bed so much.  Rob and I both have terrible backs so we splurged for the comfort and support.  Plus it has a built in massage and you can elevate your feet and/or head like a hospital bed.  It's fun!  The cats run like heck when the massage accidentally gets pushed on the remote....



I purchased 3 vintage rings from Goodwill recently, someone must have given up their collection.  This gaudy sucker is adjustable and has a big fake opal like stone in the center with gemstones on the perimeter.  $

Rob taught Caroline to do a high five.  She is a very smart dog. 

Poochy face..I wish he could train them not to lick my face everyday!
High five....good girl!  DROP IN FOR FOR INSPIRATION AT TWO BIRDS AND SEE MORE OF OLIVIA'S STYLE HERE.  Bingo tonight with the seniors...have a great Fall evening.  dawn xo


Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

yes indeed! caroline is high-fiving! i've seen everything! hahahaha that's too cute and you caught it on camera. dawn you are just too much! i enjoy your instagram pics too. i love instagram. you just get to know everyone better! fabulous outfit! i love your hair, jean jacket and top :)and what great PERKS! you spent the extra moo-lah on some great stuff! enjoy it girl!

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Oh, I adore your dogs and love that you include them in your photos.

You look wonderful. I'm quite jealous of your ability to wear a snood.

Kezzie said...

Hey Dawn! Your outfit has so many pretty details- the jumper is really lovely with those delicate blue streaks and the ring is lovely!

two birds said...

i love your boho vibe version of her outfit. you look so cozy and fashionable and beautiful! and now i want a massaging sleep number bed! (if i get one, i will make sure to credit you!!)

silvergirl said...

what a great sweater you are wearing and i love love the slouchy beanie

Heather said...

I love your hat - and your laid back style... so effortlessly cool! And of course your little fur babies are adorable :)


TheTinyHeart said...

I love that cute knit hat on you! It looks so nice and cozy. That's awesome that you got the $200 credit! And your doggies are adorable :)

The Tiny Heart
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Emmett Katherine said...

Lovely beatnik version of this inspiration Monday's outfit :) anthro is a great place to get ideas and inspiration, the stores always such a pretty place!

pastcaring said...

That's a great casual take on the original look (I prefer it actually - have I said that before? Well, it's true, you do it better. Just sayin'...)
Love your poochy face - I think it's a kissy face actually. So mwah! xxxx

Teddi said...

i am a fan of your beatnik version. you look like stylishly comfortable, & i am envying your fall weather. it's still 95-85 degrees here in texas. :P

cate @ wild ruffle said...

I love your hat - and those dogs are adorable. Smart too, apparently:)

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”