Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Georgia O'Keeffe's From The Plains II
Style Imitating Art

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend.  I worked.  I was supposed to participate in Vivienne's link up but I was late to the party again.  Darn it!  I guess I am still in my blogger funk.  I have not felt like blogging so much lately.  I also missed TwoBirds' Inspiration Monday.   I have been trying to post at least 3 times weekly but that has not been without great effort.  Does anyone else feel like this?  I am hoping that Fall will spark some initiative again.  I certainly still love visiting and commenting on blogs, plus snagging inspiration from those of you that I do visit helps get me motivated.  Thank you for that.  I am going to post this lovely Maggie of London dress anyway but be sure to visit Thrifted Shift to check out the featured post, "Style Imitating Art".  It's really a great idea and inspired me to finally wear this thrifted dress from Goodwill in which I paid $5.99.   What a steal!!  My entire outfit including accessories was thrifted for under $25.  If someone would invite me to their wedding or party I could wear it for real.  Have a great day!  dawn xo


Rebekah said...

Stunning dress!! I love the little rosettes on the shoes, too.

I hear ya. I also wanted to participate this week but didn't get to it in time. I may do what you did and post later this week instead.

I know what you mean about the blogger funk. I have those feelings once a week it seems, especially when life gets busy.

The Funky Junkie said...

What a perfect outfit--so classy and cool! I'm still with you on the blogging funk--this weekend I tried really hard to brainstorm some good topics for the week to keep me on schedule. It's been hard adjusting to a new work schedule because I'm not having as much time for blogging as I did before. I think everyone's ready for Fall. :)

two birds said...

you're invited!!! (except i don't want anyone there to look better than me!) you look gorgeous. i love this dress. i hope you get out of your funk soon. i sure do love visiting your blog every day!!!

silvergirl said...

what a pretty dress dawn, i love how it wraps right under the bust line!
that little box bag is adorable as well

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous dress, Dawn, so floaty and peachy and feminine and pretty! You don't need a wedding or party, just wear it because you can! xxx

Thrifted Shift said...

Dawn, you look lovely! I'm going to steal two of these photos and add it to my post, ok?

Jen @ Librarian for Life Style said...

I get the blogger funk every now and again... if it helps, you look GREAT! With fantastically flowing hair. Looking forward to your guest post! :)

Jen @ Librarian for Life Style

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I really love that dress! I'm such a fan of chiffon. Looks great on you! Sometimes blogging can be rewarding and sometimes frustrating. Just as you think you're on a roll, you hit a bump. HaHaHa Blog when you feel like it. I took a month break awhile back.

Sara Shoemaker said...

holy cow how do you get your hair to do that?! it's amazing and gorgeous, with a 60's vibe! and this outfit is so dreamy. your bag is seriously to die for, and that dress fits you perfectly! gorgeous!

fashion giveaway over at The House of Shoes! :)

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

this dress and your purse - ohmygoodness perfection. it's hard to keep up with a blog - i was having trouble doing outfit posts for a long while until i finally figured out a good way to go about doing it and got in a good habit - and not trying to rush home after work or at lunch to catch sunlight on weekdays!

anyhow, this is totally lovely. and amazing it is all thrifted

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Kat said...

Holy moly Dawn you look amazing! The cut of that dress is perfection (love how the belt fabric ends up being assymmetrical) and the little structured bag is the cutest. This would be a fantastic outfit for a summer wedding.

LarasVintage said...

Lovely dress!!!
xo sandra

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”