Thursday, June 21, 2012

THURSDAY'S lady thrift

Hello darlings, thanks for stopping in to check out my Thursday's thrift finds.  I have compiled some of my latest finds from the church thrift, village thrift and goodwill.  I have been trying like heck to buy only the things that I will wear.  It's tough when vintage shirts are 2 bucks a pop at the the church thrift where I am greeted like royalty.  Theresa, the volunteer at the church thrift makes such a big fuss over me when I visit. Too cute!  Just in case you have tried to imagine what she looks like, she is about 70 something young with a bouffant like hairstyle that she keeps up with including monthly dye jobs of brassy blond, thin as can be with a petite frame, a deep, scratchy loud voice with an Italian American, possibly south philly, grandmother's accent and thicker glasses.  Can you just picture her in all her sweet loveliness? 

Vintage top probably from the 50's in perfect condition $2.00
Trail shorts that are coral and have a high waist, Theresa told me that my dupa(bottom) was too big for the shorts when I bought them but now they fit...yay! Also $2.00.

Newer Gingham shirt by basics but with the darts sewn in around the boob area it looks a bit vintage/ $2.00
I have to work the parade on the fourth of July so I thought I would wear this red, white and blue combo.  Vintage skirt in bright red/$2.00 church thrift.

Vintage pastel and polka dot blouse for summer is perfect for a hot day because it is so lightweight...$2.00 church thrift.

I found this dress while shopping with my friend and follower of this blog, Kathy.  She convinced me to buy it for $8.60.  She said, " I can totally see you blogging that dress."  She is right!  Thanks Kathy, it fits, it fits!!

Tons of ruffles in the front and back and it had a side mullet.

This Eileen Fisher dress is a perfect fit on me, especially in the top.  The waist has a cinch tie and complements my smaller higher waist which is most flattering when you have bigger hips.  $5.99 Goodwill.

It actually has an A-line cut once straightened out and ironed. 

This snake print loose fitting, lightweight top is perfect for summer...steal at $1.99 Goodwill.

This versatile neon bracelet was $2.00 bucks at Goodwill...I have worn it several times!

Had to have this HawkEye vintage camera...$1.99 Goodwill.  I have a vintage camera collection and this fits right in...

Now on to the kitchen items...this two sided clock will go perfectly in my kitchen now that I am thinking about decorating again.  $3.99 village thrift

These handmade curtains will be hung in my kitchen which is now painted cream with mint green accents.  The clock will go just perfectly with the curtain color scheme.  Curtains village thrift store less than $5.00.

Is it possible to have an Anthropologie kitchen?  I am going for it.  These curtains will help pull it together without the big price tag.  Have a great day, and stay inspired.  I know that you now want to head out the door to your local goodwill after viewing this post.  Right?  dawn xo


two birds said...

those two dresses are going to look divine on you...especially the polka dot one...yay for blogger friends who convince you!

Heather Morris said...

Super cute finds! love the polka dot dress, camera, and the clock!

Sara Flynn said...

Um I want each one of those pieces of clothing please!! I love that dress!!

Shelby said...

oh how I love a good thrift haul! My fave - the vintage peach polka dot shirt!

pastcaring said...

Love all your cute blouses (bet they are fitting so much better since your op! Big boobs and button fronts are a tricky combination...) and those curtains and the clock are fabulous. Good shopping, Dawn! xxx

The Funky Junkie said...

OMG THAT POLKA DOT DRESS. Can't wait to see it on you!!

Lisa said...

Wow! What a great haul. Love that polka dot dress and the red orange shorts w/ matching print sleeveless top....and the neon bracelet...and..... haha
Your kitchen decor is looking fantastic! Isn't it thrilling to find amazing treasures that can inspire and bring a vision to life?

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Love that pastel top and the polka dot dress, they are marvelous. All your finds are fantastic. I need to come over and we can go thrifting together :))) I think you will look magical in all of these clothes items. Have a wonderful weekend petal!! xox

Emilie said...

wow the things that you always get on thrift shop! am especially loving the clock. Out of curiosity, on average how many minutes do you spend in one thrift store? i'm imagining, for me to actually be able to spot on all those pretty things, probably it will take me hours!

Trish said...

I really love the cream and polka dot shirt. And you're right, I really do want to run out and score of thrifty finds right now!

Thrifted Shift said...

What great find! I'm especially envious of your black and white gingham top and b/w polka dot dress- you could even wear those together!

Kat said...

The clock and curtains are a perfect complement, both in terms of colour and style. The neon bracelet looks like something I'd pass over yet so many times I've wished I had some brightly-hued jewellery to punch up an outfit. Good inspiration!

The GUILTY HYENA said...

The retro looking clock and camera are a STEAL!!

super thrifting :)

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I bet you ARE treated like royalty! LOL Great finds girl and I am LOVING that navy polka dot dress.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”