Monday, April 16, 2012

VINTAGE GIVENCHY.....back in the training bra again

Dog's tail in weird postition....ooops!
Hello darlings!!!  I had a wonderful weekend, hope you did as well.  I met up with my close friend, Laura, that I had not seen in a year and we caught up for 8 straight hours.  She looked gorgeous, her new home was perfection and it was really nice to see her.  We met up at her place, chatted, went shopping, and ended up getting something to eat afterwards at Apple bee's.  I got home at 1:30 am, exhausted, but it was so worth it because Laura helped me find and decide on my new bedding  from Marshall's.  Pic's soon.

I finally called the doctor today and talked with someone there named Jessica who had a breast reduction.  I had talked to her before but got her name wrong calling her Lauren in another post.  She has been a lifesaver as I have been ready to throw in the towel and ask for my ("G" 36 longs)  back if God would be so obliged.  The discomfort that I am still having is wearing me out.  Things that I would normally do in a day exhaust me and the discomfort had worsened Sunday and today.  She told me to put my training bra back on and take the ibuprofen again.  I'll tell ya, I could not wait to run (walk slowly) to my basement laundry room and snatch that little Velcro bra up and pop it on.  Instant relief!!!  We figured since I am at 5 weeks post op tomorrow,  I am still healing and need as much support as I can get for now.  Honestly friends, I am not in a great place mentally right now from the crazy constant discomfort, I feel a bit like I have a mild situational depression.  I called my family doctor to have a chat and I am waiting to hear back from her.  

I am usually more upbeat, happy, funny at times, but I don't feel like myself and so I am hoping things get a bit easier in the next couple of weeks so I can enjoy my new boobs with cute outfits that I have been stockpiling like a doomsday fashion prepper.  Anyway, enough about me, I will be by to visit...making my way around the blogosphere.  dawn xoxo  oh yeah, Sarah Flynn please email me at  I can't access your blog and would love to comment back.  xoxo 
Pictures taken last Thursday when it was cooler
Vintage Givenchy sweater/goodwill $3.99
Levis button down/goodwill $3.99
J Crew skirt/goodwill $3.99
Frye boots/goodwill $4.99
Vintage necklace/goodwill $1.99
Thrifted floppy hat/goodwill


pastcaring said...

You know, I think it's easy to forget that you've had some serious surgery, and 5 weeks isn't that long in the circumstances. Put that training bra on, take the pain relief, and wait for better days, I'm sure they are coming. And psychologically, there's some adjusting to do too, I'm sure you're just itching to be out there happily showing off your new shape. It must be frustrating to not feel comfortable enough to do that yet.
However, you still manage to look amazing, love all the earthy tones, and I have major hat envy!
Take care. xxxxx

Teddi said...

dawn, hopefully the training bra will give you some relief. being in pain can take a lot out of you, of course you're feeling sad. you expected to be better by now. so, you're also disappointed. your outfit looks fabulous. the dog tail is funny. glad you had some good times with your friend. :)

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I totally missed all out on your surgery, I was working so much. Today I'm getting caught up and read that you feel terrible. Well, you look fabulous! I hope the pain subsides soon.

silvergirl said...

surgery takes a lot of you, not matter what procedure you have had done
take your time and don't rush...
love that skirt

tammy Silverstyle said...

Wishing you immediate tata love! Take care of yourself!


you look so gorgeous here, sort of 70s bohemian babe plus a bit of free-spirited flower child.. o Dawn, I'm sorry you're still in such discomfort, and I can totally sympathise with that mental turmoil that goes along with it. my injured intercostal/ab muscles/nerves are still sore (it's been about 6 months) and some days I really cry out to God. I felt distinctly in my spirit last night that God is not only telling me to "bear up", but also that *He* is bearing me up and will see me through this; I just need to keep a good attitude (keep my humour!), remember His past faithfulness, and focus on the right things. I get the distinct sense I'm being tested! hang in there dear friend; the discomfort you're feeling now is only temporary and you'll see it was all worth it in the end! you are in my prayers, big hug (gently. I'm tender too :).

Shayla said...

Aww doll I'm sorry you're still not where you want to be boobie-wise. Just have to take it slow, you'll get there! You look great and I can see a difference absolutely! Life is good so rest up and we'll get together soon. xoxo!

myidahohome said...

Your surgery journey has been fascinating to me. Your sense of humor comes through even in your pain. And for being in pain you look great in this outfit. I look forward to your posts and your progress.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

You will see it through the storm my dear and you will forget all the pain and be relieved once more!! It takes time to heal the body, all will be just fine!! Keep the bra on for a bit longer and take some aspirin when needed. Am glad the doctor is there to talk as much as you need. Take good care!! Xoxox

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Dawn, healing is hard work. Listen to your body. You are terrific. And brave to post about all this.

two birds said...

if i could fly out, i would take you out shopping, drinking, karaoke-ing and more shopping. then we could eat chocolate and potato chips and drink margaritas for the rest of the time. i hope you are feeling better so, so soon!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Oh no Dawn that sounds so painful- and 5 wks post-op, that's a long recovery time! I'm gald you enjoyed some time with friends and have a great support system, the feeling blah is completely understandable, you're used to being on the go and now you're a prisoner to your body's aches. On the positive side you look absolutely stunning- beautiful colour combo!

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Dawn, I think I wore my sports bra for a couple of months after the surgery. I don't remember having the pain you are having from the reduction, but I did have it from the mastectomy. You may have more nerve endings than I did and that may be why you are having more pain. I'd say to keep wearing the sports bra. The compression will help. You still have substantial tissue that needs to be well supported. You will have years in the future to wear the pretty bra's, wear the ones that feel good now. I do feel for you!

Statements in Fashion said...

SO sorry you are still not feeling well sweets......I love this collage on another note:) Hang in there....:)

Angela said...

Sorry to hear that you are still in so much pain.Dont let it put you in a depression.I have had at lease 14 different surgeries but that was for my life. Yes they hurt.Very bad!but they will heal.You have had part of your flesh removed.I looked at it as the pain is letting me know that im alive,and thats a blessing.Plus was your surgery worth it or not. Think about your good benefits.So put you head up cheer up.Get that Dawn smile back.You have this great blog that you were blessed to create.I truely no that it is painful.The lord says with patience all things(you no the rest)you are always in my prayers. SMILE and benifit!!! Looking Good

my thrifty closet said...

hello dearie...hope everything is going well!


Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn, I'm saying a prayer for you now. I have been wondering how you are doing with your reduction...I have heard from patients and family alike that this surgery is NOT minor in any sense and does take quite a bit of healing time.
I totally get the situation depression thing...makes a lot of sense living with a discomfort that you're not used to and all the while thinking you really didn't HAVE to have it. My dad had something similar after his knee surgery. He figured he was a little more comfortable with the discomfort he had before he had surgery--that discomfort he had gotten to know so well, so the new discomfort that came after surgery was an unwelcome intruder.
That said, eventually that discomfort was gone and it was replaced by a wonderful new freedom...and I know that's what is coming your way too.
In the meantime, do what you have to feel better and allow yourself time to heal--this coming from a gal who took a little Wellbutrin to get through nursing school;)
Love you Dawn, and can't wait to hear about your better times ahead.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”