Thursday, February 2, 2012

HERE'S WHAT I WORE TO IKEA...Philadelphia store

Good Morning, how was your morning?  Mine was busy having started out with hauling my donations for Purple Heart to the end of the driveway for pickup by 7am in the clothing that I wore to bed last night, fed Harvey the stray who is all beat up and needs vet care (he is going very soon), fed the birds and squirrels, cleaned the garage to make space for 2 cars to pull in just in case it snows and took photos of the morning light streaming into my bedroom including our purchases from Ikea yesterday.  Now, I am having coffee with you. 

I wore this outfit to Ikea with my husband yesterday in Philadelphia.  I love the city as it is only a 15 to 20 minute drive  from our home in Southern New Jersey.  I used to live, work and party there in my 20's  and have always had a connection to the city in which I was born. The city of brotherly love, Phila.    Although I was raised in New Jersey, my roots and great memories will always remain there.

I was thrilled to have found these red jeans by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's on sale for $4.99.  I snatched them up as soon as they went over my hips in the dressing room.  They have since become a bit too big and ill fitted as my body is changing slightly from yoga, dog walks and the treadmill with Jillian Michae'ls.  I am far from where I want my hips and legs to be but I am slowly and surely changing my body shape. At least that's what she tells me when I am doing the workout.

When my husband and I decided to go to Ikea, we had an idea in mind for what we wanted which was similar to the chair above.  We wanted to create a clean uncluttered space in our bedroom to relax, watch TV, or sit and use our laptops.

We tested many chairs and ottomans of a similar style but just needed to decide on the material and color.  We both liked this swivel rocker with a woolly padded cushion but it wasn't necessary to spend the extra money just to swivel.  I love to swivel, don't you?

Too many options which is why I thrift...

HERE IS THE FINAL DECISION....I found these faux sheep skin rugs for $10 each  at ikea so I bought 3.  One for each chair and one for the basement ottoman, maybe.

Near the fireplace but in front of the television...our room is so big that the previous owner installed a fireplace to warm it up in the winter.  This bedroom was an addition to an otherwise modest ranch style home.

I found the old trunk and stenciled the little scene on it years ago....I just recently moved it into my bedroom in which we are repainting a softer, warmer, more neutral color. 

I am excited about our bedroom makeover...I will show you photos when it is completed.  I am considering keeping our art deco original furniture/dressers and side table due to the fact that they are more sturdy than anything made today having lasted almost 70 years.  We can always paint them.

A bedroom would not be cozy without a little kitty sleeping on the bed....zzzzz.   I am wondering what projects are you up to lately?  I have so many things going on at home as far as cleaning out, simplifying and having what I really want which is more open space and less clutter.  Thank you for droppin by...I love hearing from you.  Have a great day!!  Stay inspired.  dawn xo


Rachel said...

you are looking hot mrs! those red jeans look great on you. and your bedroom looks so beautiful, mine looks like its an extension of my teeny wardrobe,lol!

Hannah said...

i love ikea but for some reason every time i go i always seem to come out feeling guilty for my clutter!! everything is so minimal and clean!


Lisa Shayla said...

Hey doll - looking good girl! I'm loving the red lips with the red pants - nice look on you! I've never been to an Ikea... It's looking nice and cozy in your bedroom - love the fireplace. I hope Harvey feels better! Chat soon!

Salvaged Strawberry said...

Those red pants are so cute! And $4.99?! Hello! I found a Lauren Conrad dress for $7 and I was super excited. Gotta love Kohls! ;)

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Love the leopard and red. And love your new chairs. We have those and they're so comfy. And surprisingly sturdy too.

silvergirl said...

wow, super busy morning missy!
i remember visiting that ikea in philly when it first opened. i was living right outside of philly. husband and i were amazed at the place.
you are looking very steven tyler today and i mean that in the best possible way!!!

Maiken said...

oh, what a great post! I love reading interior posts and actually just posted about my own bedroom too :P your purchases from IKEA are beautiful btw. and when it comes to the outfit I like the combination of red and leopard. should try it sometimes :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Maiken said...

hey, Dawn :) you asked about my camera. yeah, I have an Olympus and have had it for many years now :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Emilie said...

lovee the red jeans! am in the market to find a good pair too.
lol, if we're bored, we usually hit ikea to get ikea boost! the bedroom looks so lovely, i wish we have our own place and big one.

Robyn said...

I need a pair of red pants in my life... and a trip to ikea for that matter. I think i will start with the pants though.

Teddi said...

they looks so warm & soft. nice animal print outfit, & LC pants on sale. dawn you are right on trend, with those red pants.

Ruby Girl said...

great outfit, girl! and i'm lovin those fuzzy rugs/blankets from ikea. i haven't been there in so long. it's time! i need to add some texture to my living room. feeling inspired! thanks for sharing!
<3 Linds

Staff Piusc said...

beautiful outfit. And you are very beautiful!!!!
Wait you on my page, and if you like you can follow me too, i follow you just now
Many hugs

Collections said...

wow absolutely love this! the chairs look so great with that faux fur... I definitely need to get some of that for my apartment. So creative!

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Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Ok red haute mama! Red and animal print is always a WIN! Love that outfit. $4.99 at Kohls. Girl I am SMH hahaha Fabulous chair and I love the fun. Nice and cozy! Poor Harvey!! Wow, i hate to see animals in that condition. Hope he gets better soon.

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”