Friday, December 16, 2011

WHAT A WEEK! surgery and a dog fight

  • Hello darling followers, I have had a week from crazy hell!  Monday night at work I felt my blood pressure shoot up when I realized that Bingo was getting out of control.  I had about 18 seniors who were all fall precautions. Between the disruptions and chatter, I felt like canceling the game.  I got thru it somehow.  I tactfully told them that there could be no more interruptions and unnecessary chatter because they were making it hard for the people who wanted to play...crazy night.  Got thru it...felt rude but had to make my point since last Monday I had to wheel someone straight out of the game back to her living area due to rudeness toward another resident.   She was 104 years old...try explaining that one to your boss. 
  • Tuesday morning woke up, let dogs out in yard to play, made coffee, let Timothy Winter play in the screen house thru the garage which also leads to the back yard where dogs play.  I hear a strange noise coming from where Timothy was.  He had made his way up the screen door between our kitchen and the garage due to fear from the way the dogs were barking. This alerted me that something was wrong.   I ran outside to where I thought the dogs were playing and all I see is Georgia the bigger dog, on top of her sister Caroline and blood, a lot of blood.  I scream at the top of my voice as I ran to them.  They were barking and fighting while tearing each other apart.  I picked up Caroline who seemed to be in shock with a mouth full of blood.  I carried her into the house,  Georgia in tow.  My mind was racing and my hands were shaking because I did not know the extent of their injuries.  Through all of this, I was wondering where my bra was because I was now going to the emergency vet.  I sat Caroline down so that I could access Georgia who seemed to be in a lot of pain.  I opened her mouth (they both had bloody mouths and blood all over their fur around their necks) all I could see was broken bleeding gums.  ok, now they both have to go to the emergency clinic.  To make a long, scary, story short, they are now in the teenage stage of their lives and are trying to establish who the dominant one will be.  I will warn them will be me not them....I am the mommy and I will make the rules. Results: $165.00 dollar vet bill, antibiotics and pain meds for Georgia, they can't be unsupervised when alone.  GREAT!  HOLD ON IT GETS WORSE.
  • Wednesday I go to the female doctor you know the one that tells you slide down closer to the edge of the table and let your legs fall apart, yeah, that one.  Ok, well I leave there told that I will need surgery on Thursday...the very next day.  I IMMEDIATELY WENT SHOPPING then went to work in pain, came home, drank a glass of wine and took something for pain...woke up to find that I had changed my header on my blog...which I think looks pretty good....thank God.  Don't judge me we have all been there.
  • Thursday morning I am hungry, in pain, and in need of a cup of coffee...stayed in bed until 11:00a.m. since the surgery was not until 1pm.  My husband drove me to the surgical center and waited with me until it was time.  The anesthesiologist came in to inform me that it will be general anesthesia instead of the kind where you are just sedated...great!  Just knock me the hell out...I need some sleep.  Surgery went well, and here I am Friday sitting in bed, recovering from a long week and writing to all of you about why I have not done an outfit post, been by to visit,  and why I feel a lack of creativity and initiative. 
  • The surgery was personal and not something terribly serious, just painful and not something that would resolve on its own, it involved my lady parts which is not up for discussion unless you send me a check for $10,000 dollars and  then I will tell ya the whole thing over coffee or wine. I am going to take this weekend to heal up and will be back on Monday to join Two Birds and Patti for Visible Monday with an outfit inspired by Jennifer Lopez, my favorite booty girl celebrity.  Have a great weekend darlings and thank you for dropping by.  I now have a sinus thing going on from the anesthesia...going to make tea, get back in bed, and thank God for watching over me.   Lots of love,  Dawn xo


The Dainty Doll's House said...

Oh my!! That is a take your time getting better and rest well!! Right now you need to take care and get better..sorry everything is painful, I hope the rest and meds will help that!! Tough being a woman eh!?! Your a tough cookie and will shine through it all!! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers wishing you well and sending you lots of love and warm wishes petal!! Have a restful weekend. xoxoxox

Teddi said...

dear dawn what a horrible, no good, very bad, yucky, sad week! your blog header does look good. do you think it's kind of funny that you don't remember? maybe your mind blanked out from all the stress. surgery of any kind is blah, :P especially cause they don't let you eat or drink. i am not my best self when i feel dehydrated. sending hugs.

Dawn said...

Dainty Doll and Teddi, thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so much. I am so thankful for you both. dawn xo

Lisa Shayla said...

Girl!!?? What is going on? I'm scraping together my $10,000! I hope you're feeling better soon. Let me know if you need anything doll!

Tammy said...

I'm sorry for your issues this last week.
What I do know is that you are a strong women and can and will handle it!
Take care my friend!


wow, that really was a week! but you pulled through fine yay! my prayers are with you as you recover. (look out for my $10,000 cheque).

two birds said...

Oh my goodness, Dawn! What a week you have had! I am so glad you are okay. You rest and relax and get better soon! Sending lots of happy thoughts and good vibes and well wishes your way. Your blog header looks amazing, by the way! xoxoxo.

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

There will come a time when you will be able to look back on all this and have a laugh or two. Right now, it is just hard to get through. I know what it is like to have two dogs asserting dominance. Harry almost went back to rescue due to attacking FarleyJoe. It still gets dicey at times, but they can be left alone together without problems (knock on wood!)
Please rest up and get to feeling better.
Oh and great blog header!

ella@lifeologia said...

That is one crazy week - yikes!!! glad things are alright now. You take care so you're all back to yourself for x-mas ;)

Tanyabell said...

Sounds awful, dear! Hope you are doing better!!!

Anonymous said...

As we say back home, bless your heart!!! I'm SO sorry to hear about your rough week! I thought I would explain why I've been away, but umm...yeah...don't think I'll even bring it up now:)
Well I cannot imagine how scary that dog fight must have been! The same thing happened to my friend a couple years ago, but the outcome wasn't as good. The big dog was just too big and the little dog too little. Anyway, I'm glad you established who would win in the end...reminds me of children! LOL
As for your surgery, I'm so glad it's finished and hope you heal fully and quickly. I will definitely say a prayer for you.
Missed you, but glad you're on the mend:-))

SassyUptownChic said...

Oh Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!! My God girl! What a week it was. Glad to hear things have gotten better, but girl you have been through it. :(

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”