Tuesday, November 15, 2011

GOTTA GETAWAY....now and then

We stayed at a guest house called Mary's.  It is a b&b without the breakfast but with access to an entire house including a full kitchen.  I like this idea better.  You can cook your own meals anytime you want and make your own coffee.

ok, so this is me on the front porch of Mary's with my wedding attire on.  The wedding was located behind me where the truck is parked.  I like convenience...don't you? 

My husband Rob wore jeans and a dark sweater to the wedding....how were we supposed to know we would be attending this special event.  I guess you should always pack something special just in case.

Mary's guest house and the Mauch Chunk Museum(wedding location) next door (I told you it was close).  Jim Thorpe was known as Mauch Chunk until it was renamed in the 70's.

Our proof of crashing a wedding.  Bride from the back and groom facing us. 

I brought along my Pocono Mountain ghost story book that I found at the thrift 2 years ago.  I found this book at one of the local stores I visited for $11.00 but mine was .99cents.

True stories.....creeped me out for a minute.

After the wedding we got invited to join the wedding party at Molly McGuire's Pub.  The guy to the left introduced himself as Devil.  His real name is Glenn. 

This guy sang the best version "Everything I Own" by Bread, that I have ever heard.  The woman is a wedding guest who sang for us.

Ok, I look a little rough after having been up half the night but oh look, is that a Pub?

Perfect blue sky weather with a chill in the air....aaahhh

Did a little shopping and a lot of browsing...

I went in to try this on but it was a size 16.  It was also 65 bucks which was affordable.  Bummer for me.

Handmade by shop owner....

Had a great breakfast here with Rob by the fireplace and met an interesting local named, Jack who shared many a ghost story with us.  They were stories about his historical Victorian home in which he invited us to next time we visit.  He gave us his email to keep in touch.

This is Jack's local hangout....so glad to have met him..

This is the unbelievable Asa Packer Mansion we toured....11,000 square feet. ok?  Wall to wall hand carved wood work and luxurious over the top living.  I thoroughly enjoyed this tour.  Of course I asked if there was a "presence" in the mansion and the tour guide smiled and said yes.  It is haunted....

I lived in 2 outfits most of the time.  This Lauren Conrad dress for Kohl's worn as a skirt and my Ralph Lauren thrifted sweater for $3.99.  This is a fashion blog right?

Front porch of mansion with a  view that is spectacular....

This is Asa Packers son's mansion right next door.  How nice.  It is now a B&B with a lounge and a dinner theatre.

Dining at the Black Bread Cafe...we did not actually sit in this window for dinner but did sit in the window next to this one.

This is Pat, a lovely woman who also stayed at Mary's.  We went for a hike with her on Sunday.  She is an R.N. from Delaware.  We took her along for dinner the night before to the Black Bread Cafe. We got her email too.

Did I know that I would be hiking?  NO but I loved it and climbed probably higher than I ever have before.

Snapped a photo when I could see the rooftops....so beautiful up there.

Hiked back down the mountain to this gorgeous river that flows through town.  What a beautiful trip.  Can't wait to visit again. 


Collette Osuna said...

Dawn, this is such a quaint little town, I would LOVE to have stayed at that B&B....gorgeous photos....the shopping looks fun, so happy you were able to get away:)

PS....Im posting a Michigan Blogger Meet Up invite tonight on my blog...it wont be until February, lets finally meet girl!!

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Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

What a lovely place. Love the river picture, so peaceful. It looks like you had a wonderful time and thank you for sharing it with all of us. I certainly enjoyed it.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

I love all of these photos. It looks like a lovely town and so much fun. Thank you for sharing!

SassyUptownChic said...

Hey Dawn! Love Bed & Breakfast's!!! They are so awesome and you get that personal attention and SPACE you need. Super loving that Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking glass restaurant. What a gorgeous wedding! Sorry the coat didn't work. Gorgeous color and print! And the town seems FUN! You look great! Happy Tuesday and thanks for sharing!

two birds said...

what a fun weekend! you two sound like such a fun couple! you can crash my wedding any time!

Amanda said...

I love this post!!! How fun! I can't believe you crashed a wedding, haha - dream come true!
Your outfit is so beautiful - totally something I would put together and (most likely) live in also :)
Love the background in the 1st pictures - looks like so much fun!

Bonnie said...

These are great pictures!! It looks like such a beautiful area.

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Tammy said...

Beautiful! The whole trip sounds like a blast! Imagine you gravitating to haunted places!

Claire said...

you look so beautiful in the hat and the long skirt. what a fun little getaway! such gorgeous scenery!!!


The Dainty Doll's House said...

Looks amazing!! Loved the shop,s o pretty!! Wedding crasher you ;) You look marvelous, its great to get away from it all!! I hope you have a great rest of the week petal xx

Shayla said...

It looks like MUCH fun! The weather was perfect Fall weather last weekend too. I'm glad you guys got a way and let your hair down after all the work you put into the whole Halloween Bash - you deserved a break! You look so cute and snuggly too in your casual gear!

The Suburb Experiment said...

Oh my gosh, gorgeous! It looks like such a fun trip.


Meagan said...

This seems like the *perfect* getaway! I love your skirt and sweater and your hair looks beautiful, as always!

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“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”