Tuesday, November 29, 2011


  • I wore this outfit to a Luncheon at work today...

It was raining during this shoot.
Lace skirt Marshalls $19.99 by Max Studio
Naturalizer shoe/Macy's
H&M tights
Thrifted studded Target belt
Thrifted blouse and sweater

How embarrassed was I when I thought we were being burglarized last night and made my husband dial 911.  The cops arrived and found NOTHING.   My husband had gone to bed early because he had to work early today.  I stayed up to catch up on some blogging.  I heard a thump and chalked it up to the cats jumping from the top of their cat tree in the dining room.  I was in the living room right next to the dining room.  I got up to check as I am quite the ghost myself and always suspicious.  When I got up and walked toward the noise,  this loud bang made my wall in the breakfast nook rumble.  I panicked and ran into my bedroom like a bat out of hell.  The animals in tow.  I closed the door, locked it and told my husband, who was sleeping, to call  911 because someone was breaking into the house thru the garage.  I was basically scared to death and shaking.  It was almost midnight at this time.  He dialed and handed me the phone...I told them to come immediately as I thought someone was breaking into our house, meanwhile,  I have no bra on and the cops were about to arrive.  Believe me, no bra on me is more scary than any robbery.    So, I am on the phone with the cops and I am gesturing to my husband to grab me a bra from my dresser drawer.  He grabs a strapless bra that was way too small  (men) and I gesture again to get me a different one.  The 911 operator told me to tell my husband to meet the officers at our front door.  The officers had already checked the perimeter of our house and needed to check our yard and inside  the garage.  They found nothing...nada, zip.    I still don't know what the 2 mystery sounds were but I was totally freaked out.  It really gave me a jolt of reality, what is my plan if this really does happen and what do I do if my husband isn't home and this happens?  Do you have an emergency exit/safety plan?  I would like to hear about it if you do.  Thank you for dropping in and welcome new followers to my crazy world, so glad to meet you!!!  dawn xo 


Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the long skirt.....so pretty!! The detail is amazing....:)
How scary hunnie!!! I was literally shaking reading the post!! Thankfully there was no one there and the police were right on it.....try to sleep good tonight. I know if you are like me, that might be a little hard to do:(

Hugs friend!!

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Maiken said...

the bra part was hilarious :D
anyway, it's at least good you were not alone. I think it would have been a lot scarier then.
btw, your outfit looks great on you, I like the colour combination you've picked.

Maikeni blogi - part of me

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

What a scary story! I'm sure glad that nothing terrible happened to you. Well, at least the lace skirt is so pretty on you. :D

The Dainty Doll's House said...

You look glorious!! Amazing skirt :) Oooh dear, sorry about the noises that frightened you, that's happened to me before!! I'm glad it was nothing though. Hahaha..about your bra, that made me giggle!! Your a gem!! I hope you are having a wonderful week & thank you so much for the kind hearted words, I appreciate them!! Lots of love for you petal..am putting my tree up today, not waiting any longer, haha!! I love lights :)))) Big Hugs xoxoxo


Love the skirt, Dawn! And I can so relate to the bra part :) Have a great day, sweetie! xoxo


beautiful lady! thank God it was nothing, or you scared whatever it was off.
I think we do our best in these situations -- all life's situations really I guess -- exercise wisdom and common sense, and then leave it to God. here's a belated hug for the panic and anxiety you went through :)

Lindsey A. Turner said...

LOL! You poor thing! That sounds terrifying! But picturing your husband frantically tossing you bras is hilarious!

Lindsey Turner

Mongs said...

haha..this is a funny and scary post. First of all I would be scared by the loud noise too and second, the bra thing is hilarious. Can you stop being so funny all the time! You're splitting my sides.


Lisa Shayla said...

You and your bra issues!! LOL!!! That happened to me once - I could have sworn I heard someone come in the house, the sound of the door closing woke me up. There I am, holding my hub's gun ready to shoot but there was no one there. Freaky!

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Love your skirt and that belt!
One time I was lying in bed and heard noises like someone was trying to get in the window. It scared the bejeezus out of me. I went in to the living room to get my husband. He went outside and discovered it was racoons climbing up the ivy on the side of the house. We still laugh about that one. It did scare me though!

SassyUptownChic said...

Hey Dawn! But you did the right thing. You rather be safe than sorry girl. It was enough to make you react. Glad everything is fine. You look great! That outfit is pretty! ((HUG))

Le Sapphire Blue said...

What a lovely skirt!


Emilie said...

lol on the yellow highlighted remark. that sounds so scary, i sometimes find myself in the same situation, the best thing for me is to stay positive.

i really love your black top, so classy!

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“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”