Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TAKE ME BACK TUESDAY....1985 Prom Night

Today I am taking you back to 1985 the year of my Senior Prom.  I was really into the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle known as "the feathered style" and I am still guilty of loving this style today.  I found my now vintage prom dress in the garage today and I am going to have it dry cleaned so that I can hang it in my spare bedroom with my "older" vintage
dresses.  I remember picking this out.  The designer on the label reads Jolie Madame which translates to store in the Mall...ha ha!  I think it was The Merry Go Round which was a store known for hovering sales people trying to make a commission.  The music was super loud with funky 80's tunes being played to attract the then young, naive customers...it worked because I bought this dress for $85.00 which was a lot then.  It was sorta the equivalent to Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 or Joyce Leslie of today.  oh ,and I cut out my then boyfriend from the photo because he was mean...I have since forgiven him.  If you are reading this and laughing because you were born then, that's ok, growing older mean getting better and becoming more refined....  and less pimples too.  Have a great day!!  Love you!!!  Dawn xo


Shayla said...

Yay! You're back! I'm cracking up at this post even though you look super cute! You really rocked "the Farah"! I remember Merry Go Round - I use to run by there because the sales people would come out and try to lure you in there then follow you around, no thanks! I can't remember who you went to prom with...heck, I barely remember who I went with!

Mongs said...

love the hair, so fabulous. I like your prom dress too, you kinda look like a pretty bride. Mean boyfriends are meant to be forgotten..haha.

By the way I tagged you some blog questions.


KizzyDoll said...

I love it..beauty you are!! The dress is amazing!! Farah Faucett was and will always be fantastic!! XX

two birds said...

this post is amazing! you look gorgeous and you rock that farrah fawcett hair! i wish i had looked that glamorous at my senior prom. thank you so much for sharing.

Emilie said...

priceless pic! i wish there are more photos!

LoriLynn said...

This is ammmazing! I wish I looked that snazzy for my prom, unfortunately mine was in 2002 and that was not a great style year...I ended up going as a senior too...ahhh the lace up back prom dresses-those were mighty rough! I wish I had been born in a different decade sometimes, especially in terms of prom dresses!

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