Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am taking you back to 1964,  my mom's prom.   I especially love the bow detail on the front of her dress, her great bangs, and her beehive hairstyle which was all the rage in the 60's.  Also known as "big hair" or the B-52 as it resembled the nose of the Stratofortress Bomber(I googled that).  My mom was the quintessential 60's embodiment and I love the styles from that era.  Have a great day darlings.  I have to work today but I am having a picnic with the seniors tonight using my vintage picnic basket.  Photos to follow.  Dawn xo


two birds said...

oh my goodness, your mom is gorgeous! i love her dress!!! this is such a cool blog feature.

Daisy said...

your mom is so lovely, her dress is beautiful!
my sisters and i used to spend hours looking at my parents wedding pictures and we havent't done it for such a long time. maybe next time we will find the time.

Shayla said...

Just gorgeous!! I'm loving the gloves and of course, pearls never go out of style!!

The Dainty Doll's House said...

Sublime!! She's a stunner..love this style..I'd really love someone to put my hair in a beehive, it would be amazing!! Thank you for the very sweet comment, I say petal a lot, am happy you enjoy it :)) Have a great day PETAL!!! ;))xx

Claire said...

i really love when you show pics of your mom. she looks amazing here. what a great hair do, the dress is fantastic, she looks gorgeous!



Oh I just love this! Your mom is gorgeous! I've always wanted to rock a beehive :)

Have fun tonight. Can't wait to see pix!

Tanyabell said...

very cute! reminds me of the record shop owner in pretty in pink

Mongs said...

this is such a beautiful picture of your mom. She looks stunning! love the bee hive hair, my mom had that too!


“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”