Friday, August 19, 2011

IT'S A GLAM LIFE....retrieve the mail and the cans

I  can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never, never, never let you forget you're a man....cause I'm a woman (voice trailing off).  Yesterday I felt like my blog was in need of an outfit post so I got dressed in this vintage, thrifted, $3.99, kelly green skirt, psychedelic vintage floral shirt $2.99, and Seychelles wedges from Savers thrift store in Hawaii $19.99.  I had no intention of incorporating bringing the garbage cans in and getting the mail, into my post but once my A.D.D kicked in, I was at the bottom of the driveway retrieving the cans.  I had the tripod set up so I recorded my chores for all to enjoy.  Of course, my neighbor (male) had to pull over when he saw me and comment on why I was taking photos of myself bringing in the garbage cans so I lied and told him that I wanted to prove to my husband that I really do more around the house than  he gives me credit for....LIE, but it worked because he laughed and thought that I was funny for doing so....ha ha ha.  I could not tell him I have a blog....he would totally stalk it.  Necessary white lie. 

This  same neighbor is also the guy who is going to resurface our driveway and give our house some curb appeal this Fall.  Yay!

Such poise as I am well aware that I have 10 seconds to grab the garbage can and walk backwards before the timer on my camera goes!  I so need a remote and a new camera.  My photos are losing clarity.

ok, whatever happened to mail being in your mail box closer to the front door?  ok, that was a lazy statement. Wow, I need to have my husband cut our mailbox grass back....whoa!

My belt is a cinch belt with a shell buckle that I bought at Goodwill for .99cents.

Wait until I show you how I do the dishes and laundry....those outfits will shock  Hey, have a great weekend darlings. I am going to Monster Mania with Lisa of Fortyish and Fluffy.  Photos to come!   dawn xo xo


two birds said...

that second to last picture of you is absolutely beautiful! i love the whole outfit...that green skirt is pretty amazing! i love this are too funny!

Chelsea Coleen said...

i LOVE the mail box pictures. so gorgeous!

The Dainty Doll's House said...

You are precious, I loved the one at the post box, posing, very cute!! Love your skirt, such a pretty colour!! Hope you have a great weekend petal!! xxx

Angela said...

oooh, i love this! the green is great with the tops colors and the fit is perfection. and i must say, the hair, oh gosh, the hair. AMAZING!!!

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love your green skirt :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Claire said...

i love your outfit! this is such a great look and so flattering. i love the skirt and it's perfect with the floral top.

i feel exactly the way you do. i try NOT to have to take photos in my front yard but at a certain time in the day (the afternoon which is when i often have time) the sun is too bright in the backyard and much better in the front. i've gotten caught a few times and i'm so embarrassed, i usually just grab the camera and run inside. hee hee.

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

I wish I looked so styling doing the chores! Good plan on the white lie- the last thing we fashion bloggers want are creepy neighbour stalkers! ;)

Mongs said...

you cracked me up..haha..with the photo story. I wish I could look half as good as you with the garbage can. Not many wives can look this good. Your outfit is fabulous, the colors are great, especially the green skirt.


Sunny Baker said...

dawn! you're so cute. i am loving your outfits and really looking forward to my first thrift shopping experience. let's find me something cute.

oh and i would of totally lied to my neighbor too. i am always taking pictures of myself, people probably think i'm so weird... but who care's what people think, it's always worth it when you end up with a great picture. see you tommorrow! :)

Emilie said...

neat idea! and i love your hair dawn, it's gorgeous!

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”