Friday, July 22, 2011


today's thrift is late...sorry.  Yesterday was super busy with carpet cleaning guys, deck clean-up, a nap, and a  long dog walk to look for my Mama cat who has been gone for 3 days.  Yes, my feral is missing.  I am sick over this.  Everybody says that she will return but I have gloom and doom about the situation.  I pray for her safety and return.  The weather is not is so hot,  I feel like I am breathing with a blanket over my head...ok?

I found these 2 wooden anchors that someone painted a light beige color.  I found them at the church thrift store not too far from my home.  I paid less than 5 dollars for both.  I hung them in my hallway and added some vintage photos that I got from Goodwill. 

this is a favorite of the bunch...

this is my MOST FAVORITE OF THE BUNCH...although it is not very clear.  It is my husband Rob when he was in the Navy!

how cute is this couple?  Cuties!  she looks so happy with her sailor...

i like how this little vignette took form as I used scotch tape and 2 push pins to complete the look.  I am going to leave it up for a while.  Let's see if my husband notices himself or if he even notices the entire nautical vignette!!! 

he is all decked out in his little adorable.
i put together a collage because it is my favorite thing to do!!  When my husband and I moved into our home, we removed most of the wall paper but I left this small bit of it up in my hallway leading back to my spare bedroom and I am glad I did.  I love how photos turn out with this vintagey floral background.  Total cost of today's thrift vignette....about 6 bucks.  Thanks for stopping by...say a prayer for my little mama cat.  I have had a wonderful journey with her and I want it to continue...lots of love, Dawn xo


Angela said...

oh dawn, how scary! i hope she finds her way home! one time, my cat, abby, disappeared in my small town. 1 month later, she showed up, emaciated, on our front porch and we loved and nursed her back to health (and never let her out of the house again!) there's hope though!

Emilie said...

oh dear, i hope she will return home soon! my rabbit was once gone and i cried all day so i know how you feel!

two birds said...

oh no...i bet she will come back. growing up, our cats would be gone for day and they always come back. they are so independent and great at finding food/water, so i'm praying she will come back soon!
i love your vignette. what a cute little display!

The Dainty Doll's House said...

Precious photos! Love the anchors..I am sure your cat will come back, I will think good thoughts for you. Have a great weekend! xx

Tanyabell said...

love the collage and the anchors are darling! i always feel weird with other people's pics, though :\

hope you find your kitty!! said...

Very fun display, Dawn! Sorry about the kitty - I'll keep good thoughts that she comes home soon.

Thanks for visiting us recently - I'm glad to have found your site.


Tammy said...

Anchors away is a term often used in our house.
One son is out of the Navy, 2nd one just re-enlisted and 3rd is a Sr @ Purdue and talking about officers school.
I'm telling you all you have to do is wave a flag in front of me and I'll probably tear up!

Mongs said...

Sorry to hear about your mama cat...oh no. Cats are usually tough, dear God, pls help mama find her way home soon!

I like your collage, photos always add life to a home, what more vintage photos. That's a nice wall art display.


Bestie said...

i am a sucker for old photos!!!! love this post.

hope she find her way back home soon.


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

How cute all the vintage navy photos mixed with your thrifted anchors. Very cute display. Thanks for linking up!

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“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”