Thursday, July 7, 2011


today's thrift is an antique library card catalog.  It is a heavy wooden piece with 2 card drawers that slide as if they were new.  I don't have the key but the drawer on the right is fortunately unlocked. I paid 12.99 for this find  at Goodwill but it is well worth the cash just for its coolness. 

i think it reads Globe on the front

the point of this post was to embarrass myself into organizing my antique cabinet that lives in my breakfast nook which was a gift from my landlord years back when I lived in an apartment as a single, sexy, chick.  

i utilized this Irish oatmeal can  to store pens, pencils and misc. items that my husband Rob will find a way to relocate all over the house...I can rarely find a pen!

ok all organized!  NOW KEEP SCROLLING DOWN CAUSE YOU WILL SEE THE MESSY DESK BEFORE I STARTED THIS PROJECT...oh, I also cleaned out the drawers on the desk...found things I had been searching for too.

are these card catalogs obsolete now?  I would guess they are...goes to show how long it's been since I have been in a library....

i found this little vintage recipe tin  for $1.99 at Goodwill and I am using it to store tape and other misc. items. 

remember my cherry business card holder that I made in pottery class on Diva night?  Here is the finished product...turned out really cute.  We have another  Pottery class Diva night coming up soon.  Wanna join us?

here is the mess before I started....don't mind the painters tape on the windows...I have yet to paint the trim on the new windows from months ago and I have no window dressings yet.  Dawn xo 


Shayla said...

I love that! Great little catch-all to organize your desk. Your card holder with the little cherries came out so nice - very cute! When is the next Diva night?????

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

What a great find! I love it. I would have snatched that up too! Love your new's so YOU!!!!!

Tammy said...

Why Darling, of course I'm a little darling! I have been following you for a while!
I also love junque! It's amazing what a little scrubbing, sanding and painting can do (damn I said 3 ing works after work--broke my own rule)

Anonymous said...

I really really love your new look beautiful (as always)and your hair looks great, i used to own one of those spiral curling irons...did my hair for my prom in 1990...took me hours to do!!! How is your new job? I miss you and will TTYS.
cupcake :)

Mongs said...

wow...I love that library catalogue box, so charming little thing. Completely transformed the desk. I kinda like the tin as well.


two birds said...

i love everything about this little corner in your house! that desk/cabinet is amazing, as is your newest purchase! great taste!!!

Florence said...

hi Dawn dear
sorry for my late reply. I found the cinegraphs on and saved them to my computer, then uploaded them onto blogger!

Love Steel cut oatmeal, yummy!

gorgeous photos! Love it so much.

Thanks for your comment ! I just made a new post, check it out!

The Dainty Doll's House said...

Awesome them!!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

hey Dawn,

you've really done a bang up job here lades! most impressed and it's a grand achievement indeed. love thrift finds and salvaged goodness too, you've incorporated the pieces exquisitely. thanks a bunch for visiting me too, sweetness you are. ♥

Mimi said...

I love how creative you are...DIY is so gratifying sin't it?
Anyway, yes, join in and link up your layers any time you like!! You can enter all next week, but it will begin monday;)

Aesthetic Lounge

CoCoon said...

Oh how I love seeing pics from your AMAZING home and all the wonderful thrifting treats only your killer eye could find. BTW the blog is looking really nice and your new Va Va Voom hair is to die for. HOT!!


Daisy said...

Your desk corner is so beautiful, you have such a nice collection of beautiful things. I have been a bit busy lately and am just getting around to read through my favoutite blogs. Your new header is my favourite picture of you.

Emilie said...

what a nice touch the card catalog piece, really adds the oomph to the desk!

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”