Wednesday, July 27, 2011

REMIX other transportation

So I have been having major car troubles lately and this 1950's vintage bike has been my mode of transportation to get to and from the mechanic and to look for Mama cat who is still sadly missing. 

I simply got dressed and rode to the mechanic to pick up my car but stopped to take photos of my ever so uninspiring outfit for remix 19. 

I bought this bike at the flea market for 12.00 bucks.  It has been such a fun bike to have.  I like the seat because I need the extra room for my bottom....ya know what i mean?

My Coach shoes were the perfect wedge for bike riding because of the strap.   Macy's on sale 2 summers ago, I think.

Thrifted yellow shorts by Old Navy 2.99, thrifted Mossimo shirt 2.99 and a random cotton scarf I picked up from Wal mart...for 5 bucks. 

Thrifted basket purse $2.99 and vintage stretch bracelet from Goodwill .99cents  After having gone back and forth to the mechanic 4 times, I am now in the habit of riding my bike again which is a good thing.  I get to tour my neighborhood and ask people if they  have seen a little white cat.  Dr. Dan, my mechanic, is probably tired of helping me put my bike into the back of my Super groovy Saturn and for the money we put out for repairs, he could have at least offered me a ride home  in the sweltering heat.  Oh well, I needed the exercise!!   Thanks for dropping in,  lots of love, Dawn xo


two birds said...
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two birds said...

you look so cute on your bike! it fits your style so perfectly!


That bike is fabulous, Dawn! And are your Coach shoes. Hope you're having a fabulous week :) xoxo

Mongs said...

oh Dawn you always throw me off the chair with your super thrifty finds, somebody please help me up!! You look beautiful with your bike. I didn't know coach has shoes. Nice! Hope you find mama soon i was thinking about her that day.


Daisy said...

I have fallen in Love with your bike and basket. I hope you find your Mama cat soon. And you look so cute riding your bike.

Bestie said...

do love the coach wedges...and i usually don't love the whole logo thing but those are just so fresh and light!

fabulously fun mode of transpo!

have a good weekend friend!

Shayla said...

I have got to dig my bike out of the shed and dust her off! You look so cute in your yellow shorts and wedges! I miss you girl!

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”