Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hello darlings, hope you had a great weekend!!!  Today is Sunday I am posting my outfit early because tomorrow I am going to visit a close friend in Philadelphia who had a baby boy!  I want to hold him and speak in my baby talk voice which kinda sounds similar to the voice I use to talk to my  loving pets but it is all the same....they don't understand what the heck I am saying anyway.   I hope you are all joining Kendi  here for the Summer remix 30 for 30 where you have to choose 30 articles of clothing from your wardrobe and wear only those 30 remixed items for the next 30 days.  I want to pick 30 mu mu's but I don't have 30 so I will have to include shoes, pants/shorts, tops, dresses and skirts to remix.  I like this part of the challenge because you feel like you're packing for vacation...but I am not so I will have to be wise in making my decisions and  include any outfits for special occasions.  Who am I kidding, I have nothing happening until October...

I shot this in my yard right before and during a major thunder and lightning storm so I grabbed my handy dandy beach umbrella and used it to finish the shoot so that I could protect my camera.  I looked like an idiot running to and from the camera 20 feet away from the chair....with a huge beach umbrella in my hand.    I would tear ass back to the camera and cover it with the umbrella.  The things we bloggers do to get a half decent photo of ourselves is ridiculous. ( I speak for myself) I went back inside and my husband said, "why is your face all red"? Well, I just ran a marathon and finished first.  I should have said that but I told him I was outside a thunderstorm.   Ever since I told him he should relax on his days off, he has actually taken me seriously. Nice advice, Dawn. I need a remote for my camera, bad! 

If  you are actually reading this post, you will know that I plan to continue, for as long as I can, to join Two birds for their Inspiration Monday and Kendi Everyday for her Challenge.  Two Birds are 2 sweet sisters who share a blog and their love for fashion with their readers and each other.  They are real women with real lives who are awesome remixers as well.   I hope you join them here for Inspiration Monday so that you can dress like a celebrity every Monday!!!

I found these BRAND NEW CHANEL sneakers at Goodwill for $9.99 and I used a 20% of coupon.  Don't hate me....I love youuu!!  They are my size and came equipped with the box and sale sticker.  I believe they were almost $300.00 retail as stated on the sticker inside the shoe. 

I love Liv's outfit because I am a sucker for anything nautical.  I don't know why, maybe because I married a sailor?  Well, he's not anymore but he was in the Navy for 5years and he did own those awesome wide leg jeans and a pea coat...anyway, I am rambling and I should go to bed!!!  The rest of my outfit was thrifted as well....Ralph Lauren striped shirt $3.99, striped shorts $2.99, vintage scarf .99cents, earring .99cents.  Chanel sneaker from Goodwill less than $10.00.  Have a great Monday!  Thank you for visiting me and hello to my new followers...looking forward to getting to know you better!!!  Lots of love, Dawn xo


Jewellery Bijou said...

You look great!

CoCoon said...

Dawn you make me smile. I completely understand your love of nautical, my dad was a navy man and it's stuck with me too.... AND can we talk about those Chanel sneakers!!! AMAZING. Now that's what I call a thrift store score. Nice one. Keep being a little ray of light on any rainy day mamma.

P.S Thank you so much for the birthday love. 25!! Surely you jest, I turned 31 {pass the Oil of Olay}

Katherine said...

You are such a sweetie! :)
So I am looking forward to see what you come up with as well! Have you picked your 30?
Annnnnd: You look great in short! Ph my, I would never have the heart to show my legs on my blog :( Sad, I know...I'm really just a VERY shy girl, you know?
Oh, and I love the navy look, especially the stripes, like your tee!!! And the shoes? 300 in retail??? OMG!!!! Even if I had like millions, why spend 300 on sneakers, for cryin' out loud! Anywhooo, good for you, you got it for 10$! Ha! :)))

Bestie said...

i live for these posts!!!! xo

two birds said...

beautiful! these shorts are so amazing! i love the nautical detail! and what a great find with those will you not shop for 30 days???

Lili said...

I love the pops of color in your version :-D It makes the whole thing a lot more fun!

Relatable Style

Shelly said...

You got some great pictures despite the rain!


Cat said...

Love your ensemble ... that striped top looks amazing on you!

Okay, good to know that I am not the only one who talks "baby talk" to animals and babes alike :)

Hope you have/had a safe, fun trip!

❤ Cat brideblu

ps. I hope to see some baby pictures in upcoming posts :)

Anonymous said...

i love to READ your posts... I can hear you actually talking the way you write.....does that make sense??? i hope u know what i mean....u always make me laugh, that's why I luv ya :) hope to see ya for breakfast tommorow

Tammy said...

Dawn, Don't you just love G.W.? I swear I hardly shop retail anymore.
Your T is so cute, but I think the humbrella (as my boy's used to call it) makes the shot!

Anonymous said...

Love the tie in with the scarf and sneakers. Really makes this outfit look fabulous.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

cute outfit! i love the nautical inspired shorts.

Jennifer said...

love the remixes dawn!!

Angela said...

you are too funny with your umbrella and running back and forth! kudos for doing whatever it takes for the perfect shot! :) and i would LOVE to meet up sometime soon! no doubt we would have fun thrifting and drinking coffee and playing with your fur-kids! :) i hope you have a great week!

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”