Friday, June 10, 2011


Hello darlings, today was much too warm for my liking but I made the best of it and did a photo shoot anyway.  By the time I got back into the house, I was certain I had lost at least a pound as I was soaking wet from sweating outside.  Air conditioning never felt so good.  So, I gulped down some ice water and got myself ready to chow down on spaghetti and crabs from a local bar/restaurant called Merryfields.  Rob and I met my friend Bonnie and her new hubby out for a bite to eat.  Tomorrow is their reception in New Jersey for all of their friends and family who did not make the trip to Hawaii  for the wedding.  What did you do to keep cool today?

My outfit is totally thrifted of course and that includes my shoes, purse, necklace and hat that was made in Italy.

Right before we left to go out to eat, I noticed that my Ray Bans were missing but remembered that I wore them in this shoot.  My heart sank as I thought about the hat my pups chewed up from this post.  I ran outside to see if they were destroyed but luckily they had only had them in their mouths because they were  on the ground smeary and wet.  They tore up the flowers from the old Gem bucket instead....thank God.  Good chewed the flowers instead of the sunglasses.

I have to rememeber to bring everything inside with me because they will chew it.  Rob's shoes keep ending up out  It's a pair that he keeps by the door in case he has to run out real quick. Our yard is strewn with shoes, toys, my red hat, pieces of their leash they chewed, and the new grill cover.  Funny how their chewy bones are just lying out there fully intact....but everything else is destroyed.  Is this equivalent to the terrible two's of a child?  God help me...I did laugh about Rob's shoes though....!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing weekend.  Lots of love, Dawn xo


Angela said...

I love that bag! And you look great in that hat :) I used to have a chocolate lab named sophie, and she chewed everything! the only thing she couldn't destroy was her kong, which i would stuff peanut butter or a treat inside to keep her occupied for a while :) Glad the doggies are living the good life with you!

two birds said...

your pictures are always so beautiful! timeless and gorgeous, that's how i'd describe you! i also love your dogs, but it's easier to laugh when it's not my hat/sunglasses/shoes! good thing they have such a nice mommy!

Cat said...

Dawn, my love, you look so gorge!!!! What a sweet photoshot! Love that summery dress on you and that big floppy hat is fantastic!

Thank goodness your sunnies survived their near-death experience :)

xx Cat brideblu

ps. My trip up north wasn't cold at all! In fact, we enjoyed 70 degrees and sunshine most of the days... perfect!

Sherry said...

I LOVE your hat! The entire outfit looks like you could be on the French Riviera sipping fine wine and eating bread and cheese! You are so gorgeous! And I love the "on-the-chair-with-no-head" shot!

Kathrine said...

Dawn, I really have to say, these are the BEST pictures of you I have seen here!!!! VERY artistic and well shot! Just for the heat...well it's not warm these days over here, actually it rains, but they say it's gonna get better. We also have a holiday on Monday, sooooo no matter if it rains or not, we are surely gonna have a great time! :)
Take care and have a fun weekend!

Claire said...

wow, you look lovely! that vintage floral dress is beautiful and i'm coveting your hat. i need a big black hat like that for the summer!

Daisy said...

Dawn, thank you for stopping by, I keep planing on also writing in Englisch (I am American, born in Germany and have lived here all my life. I have grown up bilingual and have a german husband). I only speak Englisch with my family and mainly read in Englisch, when I started my blog I never thought about blog exchanges with other countries. I will work on writing in Englisch! I have been to the states a number of times (Florida, New York and Texas), when I was finished with school I spent 7 weeks in New York and really loved every day of it.
Your pictures are so wonderful and you certainly are a LADY!

Emmett Katherine said...

So glad your glasses survived! Your hat is lovely, I love the polka dot band on it :)

pretty pics, worht the sweltering heat!

~Em K

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Love the photographs. We give our dogs raw bones from the meat counter. My little baby Josephine is a French Mastiff and she's never chewed a thing.

Mongs said...

wow I love these pictures, dawn, so vintage pretty! You look gorgeous in that hat.


Tanyabell said...

the first photos are adorable!!!!! and, don't you hate when your dog chews something you like? lol my doggy would chew my stilettos, so i bought her nylabones and now she's a good doggy :D

Eileen said...

Dawnie you are a talented photographer, I love the hat, keep it coming

Emilie said...

a lady indeed!
in contrast, i had to keep warm today so top, cardigan and coat!

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”