Monday, June 27, 2011

DIANE KRUGER...and Remix 8

Vintage Coach bag...less than $5.00 at or what?

this shirt would not stay up on my shoulder...I can't stand bras....

I guess I could have ironed my shorts or thrown them in the dryer for a minute..ooops!

In love with these shoes...I may have badly bruised my pinky toe during the shoot when I tripped and my little toe was the only one that popped out of the shoe on the side...that hurt.

Did you ever have one of those days where you can't stand yourself? Self loathing.....aren't we all guilty of it once in a while...for real for real. Ok Dawn, stop complaining and get over yourself.
Sorry about the poor quality of my photos, the sun was barely out today and my camera would not flash.  I did the best I could with my 30 for 30 remix clothing.  My outfit doesn't even resemble Diane Krugers but with limited resources, I pulled this together.  Marc Fisher cork wedges, Macy's $19.99 big time sale with coupon and gift certificate.  They retailed for $80.00.  Thrifted gap shorts and belt $3.99 for both, TJMaxx floral shirt and hat less than $20.00 for both. Thrifted vintage, Coach bag less than $5.00.  Thank you Two Birds for helping me get dressed today...otherwise I would have stayed in my muu muu until it was time to go to work tonight.  Dawn xo


two birds said...

there's nothing wrong with a mumu! however, quit the self loathing cause you look fabulous (but we do all have those days)! LOVE the shoes!

Emmett Katherine said...

this is a cute outfit and even though it's not exactly the same as diane k's it is very similar, both outfits have the same elements :)

a Bug and Bird said...

great personal take on your outfit. i think the original outfit's skirt has her top's shade of pink in it and your shorts have some of the same tones as your own top. great including the fun hat and summery shoes~

Daisy said...

your take at Diane is different, and it lokks so nice and comfortable.

Eileen said...

Dawnie I love the walking shorts on you. great outfit, love the shoes they look comfortable

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”