Sunday, June 19, 2011


I love vignettes likes this...I have something similar to this already but the book color combination is so appealing here so I will tweak my books to get this look....

This 1980's wooden basket purse is handmade with inspiring colors. The table it is sitting on is similar to one I just curbside shopped..  Ideas are flowing ....

I love vintage radios and clock radios.  I have some that I may use to display.

ok this is so eye catching because of its absence of color.  So clean and simple. The bench is 3 antique chairs repurposed.

I really like this look but without hardwood floors, it is hard to achieve.  The squares of wallpaper are so random and pretty.

I could do this in my bathroom...just need to find really nice tile like this.  Nita of Mod Vintage would be proud.  She tiled her kitchen backsplash and it looks beautiful.  Drop in to see her DIY here

I have one original paint by numbers painting from the 60's.  I am going to collect a few more.

How cute are these lit jugs? 

This photo is from country living in their best flea markets section.  This flea is in Honolulu...uh wasn't I just there?  It's not until July anyway.

Don't ya get excited when you see a bunch of junk like this?  No?  I do, I love Junk.  Nothing makes me happier than getting down on the ground at a flea and rummaging through a box of great trinkets and collectables.   WHAT INSPIRES THE DECORATOR IN YOU?  Would love to hear about it...lots of love, Dawn xoxox
Good Sunday Morning, I spent 12 hours babysitting yesterday for my friend's baby at her house.  I worked, yeah I said the word, worked.  Thank God the baby is petite and very easy to hold...(the entire time) because my hip still hurts from kickin it out on the dance floor last Friday.  You would think after a week it would feel better.    She was teething...need I say more to all of the moms out there.   She did take naps in between crying but I mostly held her to comfort her while she sucked on her fingers.  Poor little doll.  I will be catching up on outfits today although I am NOT worried about being a little behind because last remix I was 10 outfits behind and did them all in one day.  I was determined to finish.  Some of the outfits were embarrassing like this one but I was feeling a little desperate and sick of my clothing choices. (ok did you look at it and chuckle?, I did) Anyway darlings, I am thinking about the flea market this morning.  I have been in a decorating mood lately and want to tweak a few of the areas inside and outside.  My husband and I have lived in our current home for 6 years.  We have (he has) painted every room and spruced it up to our liking but that was 6 years ago.  I feel like we (I) need a change in decor or paint color so I stopped by Country Living magazine for inspiration and found a few things to get the decorator in me to wake up again. While I was cruising their website, I became (easily) distracted and began looking at the flea market section on the site. Hence, my desire to go today before it gets too hot.   Here are the photos that have inspired me. 


Love Simone said...

These are all great!! I did a photoshoot on Friday and did a similar vignette like the first photo of the books!

Claire said...

i'm a tad behind on my remix too but i was thinking it doesn't really matter if i show you 30 or 25 outfits. i'm still just wearing my 30pieces.

i love all these pictures. i love cool junk too. ask my hubby :)

Mongs said...

lovely and inspiring pictures. What looks like junk can become beautiful after some creative transformation


two birds said...

i want that wallpaper bedroom! can your husband come to my house and paint all the walls??? please?

Random Rants said...

Love the old radios, cool bench and that pile of goodies! When I saw the pic, I thought "Was that at the Mart?" I thought I missed some good pickins! We'll have to go one day together (when it's not too hot!)

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”