Sunday, February 20, 2011

REMIX 15....Brrrrr

Hat by Lancaster{vintage}, Belt by Coach{thrifted}, Purse{Vintage}....

All thrifted with the exception of my shoes from Macy's, tights from Target, gifted Necklace and skirt.
Tan Sweater Vest{Vintage}, Green Sweater /Free People{Thrifted}, Skirt/ Free People
{Gift}... Necklace was a gift from Jenni aka Cupcake the first Star of my Blog...

I found the time to catch up on some of my remixes. It was sooo cold today but the sun shining helped me avoid frostbite on my fingertips and toes. I dressed in layers for warmth since I had to be outside for so long without a coat. My husband was still in relax mode and did not feel like taking my photos again. oh well! He did look at them later and said, "You're doing good"!!!! He thinks that he is off the hook but I am just giving him a break....wait until he needs a back scratch or a foot massage. I had fun with the posts but oh, what my neighbors must think of me. I don't want to know. Dawn xoxo


Classy Chassy said...

Love this eclectic a stylish vagabond. :)

Angela said...

really love this look on you! and the colors are just in love with each other, you can tell :) again, you really pull off those hats beautifully! i actually thought of you when i went to "vintage" here in nyc. i think i found my new place to be a regular at ;)

Emilie said...

great layering pieces!
you look adorable@

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”