Sunday, January 9, 2011


Thrifted Anne Klein buttery leather jacket in perfect condition...$9.99
Dirty Laundry boots from Macy's...caught a sale last season, tights H&M $1.99
Thrifted, metal cinch belt with lion's head buckle .99cents.
Coach sunglasses...bought these at 25% off at Coach retail store.

Sequined,Lace dress Macy's on sale...

Thrifted, Vintage, metal mesh purse $2.99.

Hello dear friends, it's Sunday and I missed Sassy Saturday yesterday due to the fact that it snowed most of the morning and it was sooo cold and gray excuse right? Today my photographer was in a better frame of mind to take my photo anyway. We try to keep the photo session to 10 minutes so you can imagine how many photos he has to snap for me to get any good he snapped 279 and I only liked a handful. He just keeps the finger on the trigger and I move about striking a pose here and there....sounds like I am really picky or really hard on myself. I had to add boots to my outfit so that my feet did not freeze but it was not what I had planned on wearing. I am obviously having a bit of a struggle in keeping up with Saturday but I refuse to give this part of my blog up. How do people do an outfit a day and look so good? Any advice would be appreciated....thanks for stopping by and have a great night!!!


Emilie said...

the boots are to die fooor! I wonder which shoes you planned to wear in the first place..

I have no advise for you as on most cases I only post outfit once a week and even then it's not fab, glam or lovely, just a so-so casual one hahaha....


Random Rants said...

That jacket is great! What a find! Your photographer's poor finger must cramp up - so many pics!

I always figure if I remember to wear a bra and my underwear are actually UNDER my clothes, I'm doing good!
Because sometimes, it's just funny.

Random Rants said...

I had to leave another comment because the word verification word that has by be typed for the next comment is "nubfried" LMAO!!


That jacket is amazing!! and I love your shoes!


Lady Lipstick said...

HEy!! THank you so much for the sweet comment!!! I really appreciate it!!
Now as for that thrifted leather jacket, what a find!!
How lucky are you!!??
And dang, it does look called there!!!! But at least you still look fab!


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kathy said...

I LOVE, LOVE, these pictures!!!!!

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”